Hey Folks! Think I managed to get mods working today! As you can see in the screenshot, we have a few of Kaaven's test mod items loaded into the starting cryo hex. Complete with stats and images!

The issue turned out to be the way the game was setting the sprite image for items (and other assets). It was sneakily still using OpenFL's Asset system, which fails when loading files added after compile time. A quick change to the code to funnel all image requests through a function designed to try Assets and then regular file loading did the trick.

I haven't tested much beyond this initial modded item loadout, but I should. Also, it might be unnecessarily loading the same images over and over, and/or making too many draw calls. It might also be fine, and more like the original Flash version (but faster). In any case, it'll require some review. But first I wanted to tackle a few other issues.

The main menu was still a bit of a mess due to requiring different buttons on mobile vs. desktop. So first I had to tease them apart so I could see them all, and roughly put them back where they should be. I also finally (finally!) remapped the main menu to the escape key! No more F1 menu confusing folks. (I may someday add keybinding settings, but I suspect I already have too much on my plate.)

The next problem was toggle buttons not showing the correct status when "on." Since many options are on/off toggles, I needed to make sure they showed the current state. I thought I had fixed this with Hide/Run buttons, but it turns out that's only because they were clicked first. Setting state via code (such as when loading preferences) didn't work. So I had to do a bit of finagling to get that displaying correctly.

Also, I restored the Fullscreen button's code and can now toggle fullscreen. The game mostly seems to resize the UI as needed, though there's a weird 1-second (or so) delay. I may have to tackle that, as it could be a mobile optimization that could be sped-up on desktop. However, more importantly, the filter/stretch and resolution buttons are going to need some restoration.

Also, on a quick sidetrack, I fixed hex detail text showing up in the inventory screen. Simple fix, but it was annoying me :)

Anyway, a good chunk of progress today! Getting mods to work (desktop-only for now) was probably my biggest task, and it might just be smaller fixes from here. A huge list of smaller fixes, mind you, but hopefully nothing of the order mods was!