Big UI Almost There

Hey Folks! Another surge of progress today, as I tackled several scaling/rendering issues present in Big UI mode.

Since the mobile version never used Big UI, a lot was neglected in the port. And what's more, it's the only UI mode to mix 1x and 2x sprites, so there's a lot more complexity in getting things to display correctly. The mobile version just coincidentally avoided these issues.

For example, item sprites needed to be scaled up when in this mode (and down again when leaving it!), socketed item art needed special handling to align with socket sprites when scaled, hitbox calculations needed adjusting when scaled, and even the container grid needed scaling done. And despite all that, I still think there are some areas I've missed, like the tooltip representations/peek view.

In the process, I also found and fixed an issue with incorrectly deregistering event listeners for screen resize, and toggle button states not getting set correctly when scaled up/down.

Finally, I did some more easy-but-tedious fixes like adjusting all the UI elements to be in their correct places for Big UI mode. (A lot of the values had to be updated during the engine port, and never got updated for Big UI mode.)

As you can see in today's image, it's looking a lot more like the game we all know and love. A few big areas still outstanding are the battle screen and DMC map. I'm slightly dreading these as they are a quagmire of UI position and scaling issues. But maybe it'll all be okay :)