BGASM Mod - Concrete Forest Ammunition Shop (NSE Req.)

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BGASM Mod - Concrete Forest Ammunition Shop (NSE Req.)

Hello all.

First time mod upload.

This mod requires NSE to be installed, it uses the ammo boxes and a few of the additional ammo types added.

When you get access to DMC you will find an additional encounter in Concrete Forest that takes you to a storefront that is mechanically identical to C-Stor (I copied pasted it shh.)

FMJ ammo is sold loose/a la carte. If you want any of the AP/HP ammo you will have to buy it buy the case - which can be pretty expensive. I figure the cost may balance this somewhat...probably not. Maybe I'll add a price multiplier if people think it makes things too easy.

You will also be able to purchase clips and mags at the shop.

I did not add weapons to the store, as I thought that would be too unbalanced. I was planning on adding some lore to this at a later point, and maybe make it an outfitting shop for DMC guards and maybe require the player to forge documents/steal dogtags/enlist. Or maybe I would hide the tiers of ammo behind quest unlocks.

Anyway. Enjoy, leave feedback?
BGASM Ammo Mod Google Drive


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Unzip to /Mods
If you are only using NSE just copy paste getmods.php from BGASM mod folder to your main app folder. Here is a copy of it.



Update it to latest version pls