Better mod support and other ideas

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Better mod support and other ideas

-It would be nice if you added an area for mods into the options where you have check boxes allowing you to enable or disable mods on the fly.

-It would be also nice if the game checked what mods are running and if they are both affecting the same line of code it will flag the mod conflicts and not let you load the game.

-steam workshop support would be awesome.

I'd love to see some kind of anniversary edition or big update for us longtime fans. Maybe pay some of the modders for their work and incorporate the best stuff or just add your own but if you made a steam exclusive version of the game with steam support and really advertise the fact that modding the game is very welcome might bring some buzz to the game.

I know you guys are fully invested into ostranauts but I really am much more interested in neoscavenger and would love to see things happen.

Maybe you could make modding easier too. Take a look at rimworld and see how they do it. I can't really explain it but it's much easier to mod than neoscav, I have made several rimworld mods. Community support would really increase.

Hell, make a steam only DLC called "community edition" and include all the mods (fishing, etc. etc.) and charge for it. I know you guys have the game on several platforms but instead of making it cross platform just focus on steam. Maybe have a contest after it's released for the best mod and winner gets officially added, just to get some extra buzz.

Steam workshop is a much better way to let people enjoy the mods than through the forum if you ask me, most people wouldn't want to make a blue bottle account but Maybe I'm wrong..

if none of that works for you then make a DLC that expands the map, adds a bunch of new items and a few new enemies and events. But steam workshop would be the best!

Thanks, That's my two cents.

EDIT: Oh yeah, it would also be cool when you are creating a character if you could choose female and have all the clothing items and the body edited into a female version. Would also be nice to be able to choose skin color and hair!