Better Bionics?

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Better Bionics?

Since we already have a basic system of bionics in the game it seems like a good idea to expand it a bit.

They obviously should not be cheap, but totally worth it. Like, getting new arms would give you the "strong" trait, but for a lot of money and small debuff for a day or two (since our character isn't used to having those yet).

Maybe you could get "tough" by implanting some armour plates inside of your body. It would obviously make our character a bit heavier and affect the carrying capacity.

And it probably could be fixed with bionic legs! They should give you "athletic" and increase your carrying capacity (since, well, bionic legs won't get tired as easily).

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Also getting the full "metal upgrade" should give some kind of additional perk. Maybe giving some points to the "Unstoppable", or, for example making you a "Favourite Client" at the clinic, giving you a huge discount for anything else you'll want to purchase in the future. Or, at least, a huge boost in scaring people? I don't think that a lot of people would attack someone, who is practically a literal killing machine at this point.

It shouldn't be too hard, since we already have a similar mechanic with the eyes, but I'm not a professional, so I might be overlooking something.

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