Beginners guide to making mods?

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Beginners guide to making mods?

Before I get yelled at to do some research I'll tell you that I did. I just need to figure some things out. Like how do I even open the files for nodding. Where it is and how to edit it into a mod. How to test the mod out. I will ask more questions if anyone ever answers, but right now I dont even know how to edit the game.

Ok a figured out how to edit things but I have some questions on how I'm supposed to do things. Like I want to add new attacks and starting stats or whatever they are called. You know the weakness and the strengths you chose when you first start. I want to be able to when you chose a new starting attribute you get a new attacking ability if not I want to be able to just have the player be able to pick up a consumable item that gives them an extra attacking abilities. I want to implement some way to get more battle moves.

Start by reading NEO Scavenger Modding Documentation it should help.

If you want to override vanilla behaviors, you create your changes in a "0" mod by adding a new entry to the getmods.php file. If you want to add new behaviors, you also need to create a new mod and add it to the getmods.php file.

Usually, all mods have two entries on the getmods.php file because of that.