Beds, Batteries, and Beyond

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. The usual stuff here, plus a trip to look at fireplaces. Hot stuff :)

Back at the office, I wrapped-up two more installable items: the bedroll and the battery.

The bed is my first non-tool item, meaning it can be uninstalled and reinstalled without any tools. I wasn't sure if this would "just work," but I'm happy to report it did! I simply omitted the drill as a necessary tool, and my captain just bee-lined to the bed, crouched and mucked with it, and it was uninstalled!

The battery was a bit more like the other stuff. But it, too, had a trick: stored energy. I ended up having to make StatPower a persistent condition, so it would survive the mode switch from an installed battery to a loose one. This was important, as I can foresee players wanting to salvage stored energy from a decommissioned ship. Particularly if they are trying to start a reactor in a ship far from established power supplies.

Finally, I took a break from churning out new install commands to look into Michael's job menu. There are currently install/uninstall buttons there for mass-painting tasks around the ship. But they use some hard-coded install/uninstall action names. Since I'm now dynamically generating my installer stuff, this UI needs to be able to consume that output to generate appropriate buttons.

So far, I think I've got the logic all done for generating the buttons from my new data. The one thing that remains is figuring out when to run that code. I think my installers are initialized well before that UI exists, so trying to do it as they load probably won't work. Unless I save the necessary data somewhere the UI can retrieve it later.

That's perfectly doable. I just need to decide if there's a better way or not.

On Michael's side, it sounds like he's got a batch of social combat work checked-in, and we're emailing back and forth about that. Lots of talk about how AIs feel when we choose actions, how the outcome is interpreted, and telegraphing the right info to players along the way. I'm excited to give that a shot!

Tags: Ostranauts