Banjo's Mods (Shouldered, Fishing, & Bottle Labels) still Available

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Banjo's Mods (Shouldered, Fishing, & Bottle Labels) still Available

The download links for Banjo's mods (Shouldered, Fishing, & Bottle Labels) are dead links in the respective mods topics, but I tried the Nexus on a hunch and they are still uploaded there. Here is a link to the Neo Scavenger homepage on the Nexus:

A long time ago I asked to be allowed to curate/update Banjo's stuff and he told me he didn't want anyone else working on it and that he intended to continue them himself at some point in the near future. Out of respect I left it go but I'm very sad to see these mods disappearing :(

Has anyone tried to contact Banjo about his mods lately?

Please add this to the OP:

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Is there a way to merge them with the newest version of Neo Scavenger Extended?