Back To Work, Bugs, and Admin

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good week(ish) while I was away. I hung out with the fam, ate a bunch of things that were unhealthy, and even had some days where I didn't stress out about the mobile launch! But it's back to work now, so stressing can resume :)

First up, though, is digging myself out of inbox debt. Multiple inboxes and messaging systems piled-up while I was away, and I only just neared the surface on most of them this afternoon. I think most everything has settled now. (Including an overdue business license return that slipped through, oops!)

I just barely cracked open the code editor this afternoon, and was able to get a few minor fixes in before time was up. There's one more debugging cobweb I need to sort out before I can start fixing bugs in earnest. (My debug Windows builds won't respond to button presses, which is probably a side-effect of a recent Android fix.)

Tiago already has a couple fixes in testing for Android users. One fixes the missing IAP restore when there's no internet, and the other hopefully fixes several app focus/unfocus issues users were having.

We also noticed the autosave button is on the demo options screen. And I'm guessing this might be the cause of many a "saves don't work when I close the app" bug reports. Talk about an oversight on my part! We'll be removing that from the demo to avoid further confusion.

And there has been quite a growing collection of other bugs players are noticing. Crafting errors, misplaced UI elements, scrolling/cropping issues...and of course no app would be complete without "it crashes randomly" reports. It seems this is just the ghost that will forever haunt me across all platforms. NEO Scavenger crashes, no matter the hardware, platform, engine, OS, or what. The best I can hope to do is weed-out the majority of causes until the crashes are rare.

Anyway, I hope to hit the coding harder tomorrow, since I can likely start the day with bug fixing. Have a good night, all!