Back from PAX East 2020!

Hey Folks! At long last, PAX East 2020 is over, and I've returned home. (Somehow, plague-free, even.) And now that I'm back, it's time to take stock of the situation, and plan for the road to release!

First of all, how did PAX go?

I'm happy to report it went well! The image in today's post was the menu visitors saw as they hopped into the demo. The demo could actually be played in one long sequence from creating a captain to piloting the ship, but players could dive-in wherever they wanted.

  • Create a Captain: The repeated career kiosk cycle is unclear, so we need UX work there. But otherwise, really solid experience. People spent a lot of time choosing career events for their captains.
  • Salvage a Derelict: Mouse UX needs work, and some bugs can break a playthrough (e.g. silent nulls). But the overall experience is good, and people mostly figured out how to get around and find stuff.
  • Reactor: A lot of people just dove right into this, and treated it like a puzzle. And the payoff was great when most of them got it up and running.
  • Social: When it works, it really works. And that happened more often than not. Overall, tendency over time is every AI gets grumpy, so balancing needed. A bit of repeating was unnatural, but usually folks saw the magic.
  • Nav Station: This needs UX work, and bug fixes. But it was clearly marked as experimental, so people could see where it was going, and were excited. The sim fans could really get into the details, too.

As promised, a video is coming shortly. Still getting back on my feet after a week away from the office. But I hope to have something soon. Modern Wolf also wanted to boost the video a bit, so we're going to coordinate.

All in all, a very successful PAX! Seeing other devs and professionals there was also a nice bonus, too. And my fellow MW wolves (devs) were a blast to hang out with. So I'm looking forward to seeing them all again!

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Really excited for this game, looks amazing so far from what I've seen in the devlogs!

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Stay safe and healthy, Dan! Same to your family and close ones.