Audio Integration, Debug Jumper, and Other Fixes

Hey Folks! Bit of a mixed bag today, as I tackled a variety of unrelated things to both unblock others and make things run smoother.

As you can see in today's screenshot, the status indicators are mostly filled-in with first draft info. Pretty much every basic stat is covered here, much like NEO Scavenger. For now, it's limited to stuff we can feel immediately. Things like hot, cold, air pressure, pain, hunger, thirst, tiredness, bowels, and burden. I may add more here as we playtest, plus specialized equipment will reveal more specific info. (E.g. EVA suits, dosimeters/geiger counters)

I've finally integrated Bjørn's audio branch into master, so he can resume working in the same branch as the rest of us. So far, this is just framework stuff, so nothing to hear yet. But he mentioned he already has some content to test, so fingers are crossed!

I fixed a null pointer found in the code that makes derelicts, removed the obtrusive dialog UI for now (covered half the screen whenever you clicked on crew), made some changes to the lock UI so hacking was more optional, and fixed a few other minor bugs.

Michael's now got fast travel on the debug UI, so we can quickly jump around the system. This is particularly useful until I get the nav station more user-friendly and reliable.

He's also working on a key binding options page, so we can start adjusting these to suit our setups. (Chris, for example, uses a laptop without some extended keyboard keys.)

His inventory UI is also on today's screenshot, showing some rubble and items in the ground grid, and an empty grid for Captain Benjamin Garrison. This is coming along in stages, as we patch bugs and add more features to make it like NEO Scavenger.

Meanwhile, Chris is working on making the camera controls a bit more friendly and fluid, and laying groundwork for some full-screen effects we can use later.

All of this is toward the goal of continuing to flesh-out the salvage loop. With better situational awareness (HUD), we can gauge our safety and progress more readily. And with the debug fast travel, non-dcfedor users can finally dock with other ships :) These both mean we can extend our salvage to multiple ships, and even return to K-Leg for resupply/trade. And hopefully, that reveals what is most meaningful to add next!

That's all for this week, so have a good one all. And see you Monday!

Tags: Ostranauts