Atlantis is an American colony situated in the subsurface ocean of Europa. The Nerean Ocean was the site of the discovery of Lusca, multicellular forms of alien life. Atlantis is one of the few exclusively submarine colonies in the System.

  • Government: Presidential republic
  • Head of state: President Lydia Walker
  • Sovereignty: Independent (formerly US-owned)
  • Location: Europa
  • Established: 2035
  • Major ports: Porto Nuevo
  • Industries: Water mining, xenobiology
  • Currency: USD
  • Population estimate: 200,000
  • Languages: English
  • Religions: Christianity


Europa was settled in 2035 by an American research expedition, Nereus-3. Nereus-3 established a research outpost in Europa's subsurface ocean to search for extraterrestrial life. The search was successful; at Point Mosman, an enormous thermal vent, ROVs found a complex biomarine ecosystem of long, thin sea life, which were named Lusca.

During the Ganymede Coup, Atlantis remained neutral. Opinion polls conducted by the Atlantean Census Bureau found that only 11% of citizens held strong beliefs about the ongoing conflict in the other Galilean moons, and only 26% were even aware of the issue at all. Isolationism remains one of the defining traits of Atlantean politics, and many of the youngest generation are unlikely to leave the colony during their lifetime.

As a result of this position, the Galilean Confederacy maintains a blockade at Porto Nuevo, designed to sanction offworld trade with Atlantis. To-date, this has had little effect on the mostly self-sufficient colony, though it has reportedly created a lucrative smuggling opportunity for those willing and able.



Atlantis is a submarine colony in the meso- and bathypelagic zones of the ocean. The ocean floor is too deep to anchor the colony, so it anchors itself to the ice sheets ‘overhead’. Modular habitats are linked together in long strands descending into the sea. Areas of high traffic, like commerce, industry, and services, tend to sit at the top, while residential zones and public works like sea farms and power generators sit below. Submersible docks are interspersed haphazardly every few hundred metres.

Offworld visitors are restricted to areas tagged ‘Lemuria’, which includes the aforementioned commercial and industrial zones. Areas tagged as ‘Hyperborea’, or ‘Hyperborean’, are off limits, including military bases, research institutions, and many private residences.