Approaching the Derelict

Hey Folks! Just a sneak preview today, as I don't want to give away the entire shot yet.

I spent most of the day drawing a derelict for an exterior approach shot, and that meant ship hulls, debris, and more special effects. As I work on stuff like this, I'm gaining a real appreciation for the stuff Unity can quickly produce. It takes a bit of time to become familiar with this, but I could picture doing whole animations or special effect shots this way pretty rapidly.

Of course, there's still a lot of work required. Easily the most interesting parts of these shots are the ones I spend the most time drawing and/or crafting. No such thing as a shortcut to good art! But a lot of the stuff that would otherwise be tedious can be rapidly prototyped with a mix of assets and code put together in clever ways. The illusion industry is pretty fun!

Tags: Ostranauts