Announcement Planning

Hey Folks! A bit of a mix today between announcement content work, and planning. The planning is the biggest thing, so I'll start with that.

I was tentatively going to launch tomorrow morning with the teaser, and fire on all cylinders throughout the day to ramp-up the new game's presence. Updating forums and subforum structures, adding new pages, answering questions and feedback as it came in, etc. However, I forgot about the Steam Lunar New Year sale. Launching something on Steam during a Steam sale is sort of like trying to light a candle in a hurricane. I'd be competing with much bigger news. And even if I succeeded in getting a lot of attention, one of the big benefits of doing so is front page placement on Steam, to garner even more attention.

Except the sale takes over the Steam homepage, so that wouldn't be visible.

Better for me to wait for the sale to pass, and try then. The sale ends next Tuesday, so it's only a week hence. I'm now looking at tentatively next Tuesday or Wednesday for the marketing blitz.

Also, I've decided to try and focus this marketing effort on reaching and exciting existing fans. This is partly the reasoning behind getting all this setting info into a wiki. Combined with the teaser video, screenshots, and product page descriptions, I'm hoping I can get NS fans really into this setting, and excited to play. If I can do that, and get those same fans up-to-speed on the new game's info, they can tell any friends of theirs who might be into this sort of game.

With that in mind, I continued the setting wiki work. This time, with a glossary of terms used in the setting. I may go for the timeline page, too, so I'll see about refining that tomorrow. And I've started contacting some artists to see about maybe getting some concept art done, for use on the setting wiki, product pages, or even in-game. Illustrations to punctuate the long batches of text, and spark players' imaginations.

Hopefully, this adjusted strategy makes the most of what I've got on hand!