Android Woes

Hey Folks! Hope you had a good weekend. Among other things, yard work featured in mine. I discovered just how ineffective a spade can be in hard clay. And to make matters worse, there appears to be a gas line somewhere near where the hole needs to be. And tree roots. Oof.

Back at the office, a similar hard spot: Android bugs. I guess Android was getting jealous of all the attention I paid fixing iOS, because v1.2.5 appears to have both save and crashing issues now. Though, bizarrely, I think the overall bug frequency is lower now on Android. It just happens that the issues are all very front and center, instead of later in the game.

And unfortunately, it appears to be some devices but not others. And this runs the range of old and new, powerful and not. So I basically have no clue where to start looking. Tiago thinks it could be due to old versions of Android having different folder structures, resulting in saves not working. But Android 6.0 is among the affected.

Or else, it's a different issue (i.e. many different causes), and no one fix addresses them all. Or maybe folks just jumped when the patch wiped the save? That could be, too. Future saves should be safe, but this v1.2.5 had to wipe one last time to upgrade the save system.

And crashes? Every 5-10 minutes, according to a few. Some even reported crashing in skill select! I can't seem to crash at all on my device, so again, not sure where to start. Tiago seemed to suggest he might know where to source one device which reportedly had issues.

Needless to say, it was a bit of a downer day for me. Just as I'm surfacing for some air to work on space prototype, mobile drags me down again!

Hopefully, we can find a fix soon. Hang in there, folks!


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I don't seem to be encountering any problems so far. Aside from a crash when turning blue frog sashes. I'll report back if I do fond any.

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