Android Testing, and New Space Music!

Hey Folks! A bit less productive today, at least in terms of coding. But still some interesting developments!

First, I finally was able to build and deploy a debug build directly to my Android phone! Technically, I've done this a long time ago, but not since the game was just starting the porting process. Tiago usually handles the builds, and then shares them with me. This was my first time getting the pipeline running on my own machine for local testing, which is good!

I spent some time testing the bugs I've been working on, to make sure nothing crashed the game unexpectedly, and so far, so good. Tiago checked-in his fixes, too (IAPs missing when no internet, and Android crashes when app loses focus, plus UI alignment issues), and then wrapped-up some new beta builds, which I've sent to testers. Hopefully, this represents a significant step forward for many users!

In the wake of that test, I also started looking into some resolution/zoom issues people are reporting. However, this turned out to be a rabbit hole that I barely explored. So many variables for screen size, game size, stage size, scale modes, zoom levels, device size, etc.

In other news, Josh submitted his latest track for the space prototype! It's a theme to be used in a marketplace with a US-based culture from old Earth. He went for a mix of styles sort of like what you'd hear at a music festival or expo, and I think it'll work well. We now have several cultural influences in these game locations, reflecting the fabric of the various cultures that got us into NEO Scavenger's solar system.

That's all for this week. Have a good weekend, all, and see you Monday!


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Oh sheeeet! Is Space Prototype coming to mobile too? FUCK YEAH IF IT IS ( and fuck me if I didn't know sooner).

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What about different cultures will affect the market that you're in? Like the difference between docking at a market that's US vs one that's Chinese vs one that's Russian?

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Hey, will you still be adding fixes to this batch of patches or have you pretty much finished until the next release? I just reported a few larger bugs on the forums so I was just curious.

Also thanks for all the work you have put into this game and I feel like the mobile release really will pick up traction given some time! I've already noticed it climbing to the 50 thousand downloads mark which isn't anything to scoff at.

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@Marc13Bautista, no no no :) Space prototype is currently only planned for PC. Sorry, I didn't realize how confusing my post was about that.

I meant that I was finally able to deploy a test build of NEO Scavenger to my phone. (Previously, I relied on Tiago to make and send me the builds.) Sorry for the confusion!

@spacemedic, hard to say, since there isn't a market system in the game yet.

However, I want it to at least feel like regions have a different culture, as a way to make the game world seem more real. So the music is one way to make the region feel different, long before I have any other mechanics or content to work with. (Josh is basically the only one working on Space Prototype right now, since I'm stuck fixing NS mobile.)

There are some things I'd like to experiment with, though. Disparate currency systems, for one thing. Not everyone is going to use the same "Credit," which would mean currency exchanges, price gouging, and black markets.

Similarly, I want each area to have its own Local Authority (LA) serving as the government/police. So the LA on Mars may not honor your permits from Ceres.

Finally, I would really like for each player to have a more personal back history, possibly from their char creation process. Things like ex-lovers, former bosses, family, rivals...all of which exist around the System, and may pop up for drama :)

@LillyFall, this current patch is already in the pipe. So either it will pass and be released, or fail and I can add more to it. But whatever the case, I expect more patches will be coming, so I appreciate the bug reports!

Also, 50k downloads? Really? That's pretty impressive!

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@dcfedor Oooh, this sounds very interesting. I like the idea of relationships and character creation, since I find backstory for playable characters to make for more immersion. Also, as far as permits go, do you mean like permits to do business or do you plan for a variety of permits?

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@spacemedic, yeah, I think some games have done a pretty good job of making players feel like their character has a place in the world, and backstory is a big part of it. (Mega)Traveller RPG does a sort of career-plotting character creation process which helps you think about your character as a person, with history, etc. And Shadowrun does a similar thing with jobs, contacts, socio-economic status, etc. I'd love to spend a few days playing with these ideas!

As for permits, probably something like business permits, visas, hazardous goods permits, pilot permits, etc. I'm thinking it'll not only lend a sense of realism to places, but also makes things like black markets interesting in a novel way. (E.g. instead of "black market is where you sell slaves and drugs," it becomes a way to do business without getting lost in paperwork or gouged in unfair LA permits and fees. Sort of like Mal Reynolds or Han Solo, who aren't evil but skirt the law a bit.)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games