[android] Junk market vendors refusing to pay for data files

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[android] Junk market vendors refusing to pay for data files

(recently bought the full version upgrade for the play store android demo)

I've found 2 data files, that according to wiki, should be worth something:

1. "Poorly-lit footage of some rustling hedges outside, from which something leaps off-frame, causing panic and hurried camera movements" (vid)

2. "Blackened plants and building frames surrounded in fumes and chemical pools" (img)

The first one was a lucky find on an unlocked smartphone I looted along my way to Detroit, the other came from a hacked device (also smartphone). I've tried both putting them on a flash drive or on a running unlocked device, but the price of the device stays constant and selling it only provides the normal value. I have the hacking skill, though it was not necessary to unlock the first smartphone. Both files were buried in bigger data stacks. I recall trying to sell them before merging stacks, so it's something that seems to affect more than just one bugged stack - unless the wiki is outdated/wrong and those are not supposed to have any value.

Edit: I've found other data that had value properly assigned to it, looks like the wiki is mistaken and those files are simply not valuable.

Those data files go to show that the post-apocalypse of NEO has been around for much longer than you may think. The swamp and what's likely the Enfield Horror being able to be put on a smartphone means that they were around when smartphones and their original owners with charged batteries were still around.

Roses are red,
Been playing so great,
Your whole body is in an inflammatory, 'potentially' fatal state.