Android Crash then Unable to Continue

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Android Crash then Unable to Continue

Sorry to keep bothering you, I know you're working on a new game, so to be interrupted with support requests for the older one can be a hassle. I'm late to the party and really into this game right now.

I recently lost my longest yet run on the Android version when the game suddenly crashed and then would crash again anytime I tried to load the saved game and continue.

Force Quit / Restarted the App, Rebooted the Tablet, Cleared the Cache, then finally Cleared Data, which of course dumped the save file and forced a New Game anyway.

Is there a way in-game to see how long you have survived? Only time I've seen this info is when I've died. Being able to check before death would take some of the sting out of losing progress as I'd at least know my longest run so far, would also help figure out how far in I am when it crashes and corrupts the save file.

I haven't been able to locate the save game file, or any error logs for the game on my tablet. Can you provide the location of those? Maybe I could do some troubleshooting myself.

I'm running on a Huawei MediaPad5 w/4GB of RAM, Android 8.0.0. Memory shouldn't be an issue, plenty to spare, system shows the game generally using less than 100MB on average, less than 500MB at maximum. So not sure what's going on, a little afraid of continuing to lose my save anytime I have a long run with lots of time invested.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Gink,

Unfortunately, this seems to be a bug in not only the mobile version, but the desktop, as well. There's some sort of silent bug that happens in many games, and by the time folks notice it, the save file is corrupted.

What's worse, I haven't been able to reproduce it whenever I try. And nobody has found a reliable cause. Except that the more you play the game, the more likely it becomes. (That said, if you ever do find a reliable set of steps to cause it, I'd owe you a beer or three!)

Regarding save file location on Android, I'm actually not sure. I'm sort of new to mobile development, so I don't know my way around that as well as desktop.

So it appears I'm not being much help here, apart from explaining the prognosis. But like I said, if you ever do figure out some repro steps to cause that crash, I might be able to finally fix it!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Good enough. Thanks for the response and insights.

I'm fairly familiar with Android, but not so much with Flash/Adobe Air. Poking around it sounds like the saves go to a data folder only accessible with root access though. Currently there's no way to get root access on the model of tablet I have, so that's a dead end for now. Maybe I'll resurrect one of my old rooted devices and see how things run.

My current run, the last time I loaded it up, the text over the hunger bar came up as "null", but reverted to the correct text pretty quickly. Had it crash once while playing, but was able to load back up. I'm still pretty early in the run, but it may be I've already hit the bug and it's just a matter of time, we'll see!

I play on Mac/PC a fair amount now too, haven't had any issues, but will keep an eye on things there, maybe start making periodic backups of the save file to be able to compare working vs non-working saves. Though, so far the save state just looks like an object with key/value pairs of an index and an integer, so not sure how much meaning I'll be gleaning from that.

Will let you know if I stumble upon any repeating or reproduceable patterns, cheers!