[Android] can't re-enter cryo facility once you leave?

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[Android] can't re-enter cryo facility once you leave?

I thought maybe I was wrong and was not remembering correctly when I played on the PC that I used to go back in and use it as a base. On the Android one I leave that's it. I can go back and see the window but clicking on it highlights it blue and nothing else happens. Same thing when im in camp. Click on it and everything else disappeares (camp options, etc)

So I booted up my PC version and sure enough I COULD go back in.

I spent 45 minutes trying EVERYTHING, even started over 3 different times...

Raged uninstalled.

Am I missing something?

You are correct: it should let you go back in on Android, too.

It almost sounds like you might be picking the window up, though, instead of using it? If you tap and hold the window, do you get a context menu?

Alternatively, if you change cursor modes (using the selector button, which is either in the top right on 16:9 screens, or below the stat bars on 4:3 screens), you can switch to "use" mode to use the window.

Does that help?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games