Android: Can't craft spear

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Android: Can't craft spear


I can't craft spear on Android version though I have all ingredients/skills right (I played on PC too). I figured out maybe I need to buy Full Version first, but still can't craft any kind of spears (can't craft a bow too) after the purchase.

If it helps, I still have Full Version button in the main menu (even after paying for it), but nothing happens upon pressing it. First time I tried to buy Full Version desync happened, but I successfully paid for for the second time.

Any help?


Hi enlyre,

Sounds like the game hasn't fully unlocked. Or it could be a user account mismatch causing the game to think you don't have the full version.

The first thing to check would be Play Store's purchase history, just to verify Play Store thinks you completed the purchase.

If you open Play Store on your device, tap the menu (three horizontal lines near "Google Play" search field), then scroll down to "Account" and tap that, there should be a section called "Order History." If you don't see NEO Scavenger on that list, you'll have to log out of Play Store and log back in with the account that made the purchase.

If NEO Scavenger does appear in the order history, try performing the following steps (in this order):

1 - In Settings->Storage->Games->NEO Scavenger Mobile, tap "Clear Data."
2 - In Settings->Apps & notifications->NEO Scavenger Mobile, tap "Force Stop."
3 - In Settings->Apps & notifications->NEO Scavenger Mobile, tap "Uninstall."
4 - Reinstall NEO Scavenger Mobile from Play Store.
5 - Launch the game.
6 - Does "Continue" button show? Or does it say "Full Version?"

If you still see the "Full Version" button on the title screen, try tapping "Full Version." This should force the app to try and re-authorize on your device.

If that doesn't work, there might be a more serious issue. Let me know what happens when you try the steps above.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games