And Now for Something Completely Different...

Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Ours was a little bittersweet as we watched Canada Day festivities on CBC live from afar. We miss our other home at times like these. I also suited up for vacuuming the 100+ year old crawlspace beneath our house. Darkness, cramped and hard to reach spaces, awkward equipment, and limited breathing. I imagine submarine mechanic work is worse, but not by much.

Back at the office, I finally cracked open the NEO Scavenger mobile code to see where Tiago left off. He was in the process of converting NEO Scavenger mobile to work on desktop, to see if we could replace the aging Flash engine with this Haxe one.

So far, it sort of works. One could already actually play the straight mobile version on PC if they chose. The UI would have all the mobile stuff in place, and would behave just like the mouse was a finger touching the screen. However, no keyboard. And no mods.

Tiago made a fair amount of progress getting it prepped for loading mods, but it's in a sort of netherland right now. The strict memory optimizations we made are playing havoc with the old way of loading images and data. And a lot of plumbing needs to be restored or rewritten to intercept asset loads and redirect them to appropriate base or mod sources.

And ideally, all of this would be done in a way to avoid breaking the mobile code. In other words, the same code base generating all targets. I have a few doubts about that as I'm now looking at the data loading/modding code, but we'll see. It's only been one day.

What does this mean for the space prototype? A temporary delay. I've always sort of pictured rereleasing NEO Scavenger Haxe version before the space prototype, just as a way of saying thanks to all the fans for their support. And I still want to do this.

However, it'll depend on how much work is involved in the restoration. I can stand a few weeks delay. Even a month or so. But I don't want space prototype to fade away from neglect. For now, let's see how this goes!


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Who vacuums their crawl space?

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Usually, nobody. But we found some rodent droppings, and it beats hand-picking them. Especially in hard-to-reach areas. (In this house's case, all places are hard to reach.) And leaving them as-is would be a health hazard.

So far, the traps we laid have found nothing. So we're hoping this was just a passing thing. Removing the droppings will also give us an clue if they come back.

But yeah, nobody should have to do this.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games