Airlock Mafia (Ostranauts)

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Airlock Mafia (Ostranauts)

One good haul, that's all we needed, just one. The ironic reality of it all weighs heaviest on the newbies; they think that any hulk they enter will be the big score. They miss-assume that just because it's made out of refined metals, it'll be worth a damn. No, they never are. So, floating there in my vac suit, the un-stowed gear of our newly appropriated ship idling by, I remember an old adage from my youth.
"Patches to fill yer packs, N2 if the derry beat ya, but doors? Doors are worth their weight, iffa ya wait!"
"Marcus," I say, "Don't waste your time on that conduit, help me with this airlock."

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)