Admin/Community Day

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We did some honest-to-goodness labor, carting building materials around, laying cinder blocks, sawing posts, and lashing them together. All in the name of a fancy redneck sitting bench in our front garden :)

Back at the office, layarion reminded me I've been neglecting Discord for too long. And also, that we could really use a FAQ on the site. So if you look in the main menu, you'll now find FAQ as an option! It features several of the questions I've had canned answers to after dozens of emails each, plus a few more that layarion and the other mods suggested. It'll likely expand over time, too.

With luck, that'll save both me and the mods some time answering some of the questions that get repeated often. Thanks, guys!

I also was alerted to a new Steam feature today: developer webpages. Devs and publishers can now setup a page for their collection of games on Steam, and in theory, this can be the place to make announcements and have discussions of things which are not specific to any one game (or to collect all the different game announcements for a single dev).

I'm still sort of figuring out all the features, as it seems to intersect curators, community groups, developer store pages, and Steamworks in some weird ways. But I think with a bit more poking around, I should be able to make sense of it.

No development done today, unfortunately. But I suspect I should be back to that tomorrow.