Admin Day Today, Plus Hospital Yesterday

Hey Folks! Sorry for the second lapse in news this week. We had to visit the hospital yesterday to look at an injured knee, and we've been slowly getting back on our feet (both figuratively and literally). Everyone's safe, thankfully, and the injury might be mending faster than expected. So our fingers are crossed this was just a minor bump.

Unsurprisingly, I didn't get much done in the meantime. I did manage a whack of phone calls with people all over the planet, though, all of which are working on bits of Ostranauts as we speak. So there may be a sudden jump in productivity soon.

For my part, I'm wrapping-up changes to the career event system so players can "play" the events like a choose-your-own-adventure, or NEO Scavenger encounter. I've got the sample "shady deal" from Tuesday already, and today, I converted the "you gain a salvage pod" event into an interactive version, as well.

One thing remains to be fixed there, which is a sort of double "confirm" process. That, and it appears the "you gain a new friend" type events only show the name after you confirm the event, which feels weird. I'm going to see if I can get those two things fixed before signing-off on this feature and moving on.

Then...I have to figure out what then! There's still an endless list of stuff to do, but I'm not sure which makes the most sense next. Might be crew shift behaviors. E.g. sleep, work, and play shifts.