Admin Day

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Yesterday was Labor Day here in the US, so it was a long weekend. Friends, nice weather, good food...a nice mini vacation!

Back at the office, it was mostly catch-up today. Emails, contracts, planning, phone calls...I had just enough time in-engine today to snap the screenshot you see above. And to verify that the thing I need to resume working on tomorrow is mismatched tile IDs and zones after docking.

Despite the lack of work, other exciting stuff is still happening!

Aurel Bílý and I are nearly done signing a contract for him to begin work on NEO Scavenger fixes. I want to see if he can fix the IAP bug on Android, and make it 64-bit compliant while in there. Plus, he might be able to finish what I started when I tried to back-port NS Mobile to desktop. So far, so good!

Charlie Martin just sent me his sketches for the latest illustration, and man, those are looking good. I can't wait to share with you all! I also spent a good chunk of the day working on specs for his next assignment: Tharsis Landing!

The Modern Wolf negotiations sound like they're nearing completion. There's one more round of changes coming, and it sounds like they're pretty minor. So assuming no deal breakers there, we should be good to unleash the hounds! (So to speak.)

Michael's next task is to see if he can get the AI to have a parallel action queue for things like chatter while working. (Similar to Sims and Rimworld, where avatars can talk when near each other, even if doing non-talk tasks like cleaning.)

And Chris is off and running on his latest tasks: setting up faster builds and testing for Ostranauts, plus fixing a performance bug when doors open/close in the game.

It's a bit scary having all of this going on, since it means my monthly expenses are higher now. Plus, as you could tell above, management occasionally dominates my time. However, it's really cool that the game continues to make progress even when I'm not doing it personally! So, both more and less stressful than before. A different stress, maybe?

Anyway, hopefully more progress to speak of tomorrow!