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adding ships

hi i was wondering if someone could point me in a direction oh how to add more ships to be explored near starting point. i have played around with the money and a few other things. but i wanted to know how to add more ships to be explored for either salvage or parts

Hey JacobLugolll!

There are a few steps to getting a new ship into the game's starting area, but hopefully not too difficult!

1 - Make the desired ship in the Ship Editor.
2 - Save the ship (it will appear in the game's data folder called ships/)

Next steps will depend on whether you want your ship to be in a mod (recommended, as it is safe from being overwritten by a Steam game update), or just in the core game data. If you don't care about making it a mod, skip to step 6.

3 - Create a mod for your ship. (There is a link on the game's Options->Files screen to where the mods folder is, which includes a as a starting point. There is also a link on the Options->Files screen to modding documentation.)
4 - Move your ship's shipname.json file from the core data ships/ folder to your mod's ships/ folder.
5 - Also, you'll want a loot/loot.json file in your mod to modify the random ship loot tables.

6 - Open the loot/loot.json file (either the one you created for your mod or the core data if not using a mod), which includes loot tables for the game.
7 - Add your ship's strName (usually the same as the filename without the extension) to the random derelict or other ship loot lists . Search for "RandomDerelict" to see the loot table for random derelicts, for example. (There's also a RandomPoliceShip, RandomScavShip, and RandomShip)
8 - loot.json entries are usually in the format Name=AAxBB, where AA is the probability (1.0 = 100%) and BB is the amount (a single number like 5, or a range like 1-3). The "|" symbol means "OR" in cases where it could be "30% this OR 70% that" for example.

Sorry if this is lacking additional depth or detail. Just wanted to try to get you started. If you have more questions, you can post here or on our Discord's #modding channel. Discord especially has more activity, and hopefully someone can help if you have more questions!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games