Equipment Stacks Stick to cursor

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#1 Equipment Stacks Stick to cursor

Sometimes when moving a stack from the floor to an open crate the stack will stick to the cursor.
I cannot always replicate this. I think possibly sometimes items are lost, but also opening and closing the inventory a few times sometimes allows to place the stack down.
Save available where this almost always happens if required.

*edit 06/12/21* Ooops I think I may have just deleted the save that might have helped with this.

If you notice some repro steps to make this happen, let us know!

It sounds a bit like it tried to deposit an item, hit an error, and then just gave up (leaving items stuck to cursor). And I know I've fixed a couple issues of that nature before. Just a matter of finding all the causes so we can anticipate the exception with code.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I found the save - I put it here:


To reproduce board ship, walk to crate of scrap. Open inventory then open crate of scrap.
Spend a few seconds swapping stacks between floor, inventory and crate, I thin it is more likely to happen when dropping a stack onto an already full stack in a crate, but this is not 100%

Hope this helps.

Thanks! This helped me find the bug, and I think I have a fix that can go in the next patch.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

FYI, the beta build should also fix this issue!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks! :)