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Игру будут обновлять?

Sorry for my English! Bye!

Maybe :)

Right now, I cannot update it myself, as I am too busy working on Ostranauts.

However, I have hired a contractor to help me work on a newer version of the engine that avoids using Flash. And if he is able to finish that, there may be a new version.

The new version won't have any new content or features, though. It'll mostly be stuff like better performance, better save file management (safe from antivirus/cookie-cleaner/web-browser apps), and those sorts of things.

Mostly, it's making it into a normal desktop app, and not a Flash-based app.

Hope this answers your question!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Ну это не совсем то что я ожидал, но звучит не плохо.

Sorry for my English! Bye!