Have a question? Running into issues with the game? Want to send words of encouragement? Here are a few options for getting in touch with Blue Bottle Games

  • General


    The forums are a great way to share thoughts on NEO Scavenger and the Blue Bottle Games website. If your comment might be interesting or helpful to others, try posting it in the forums. User accounts are free, so there's nothing to lose!


    If you'd like to get in touch via email, you can reach me through the form below or directly at [email protected].

  • Press

    Review Copies

    If you are a member of the press or a YouTuber/streamer, I'm currently trying out dodistribute() as a method of handling review copies for NEO Scavenger. If you wish to request a copy for review or streaming purposes, please use the aforementioned link.

    Press Kit

    A Press Kit is available which includes the Blue Bottle Games logo (vector and raster formats), NEO Scavenger logo (raster-only), NEO Scavenger "box art," and screenshots of NEO Scavenger.


Video Policy

If you'd like to create a Let's Play or similar video of Blue Bottle Games's titles, consider this your express permission to do so. We're happy to have folks vidcasting our games, and you're free to monetize said videos. A link back to this site would be appreciated, of course, but is not required.