An unfortunate end.

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An unfortunate end.

A man wakes up in the middle of a broken cryo tube. He has no bloody idea how he got there. Because this is how stuff works, he hears a monster coming up. He releases one corpse from another tube and quickly re-seals his, letting the monster go. He gathers what he can and goes outside. The world wasn't familiar to him, but he didn't care. When night fell, he saw a glow which he went towards. By the time he had arrived at it, he was rich, had a rifle, bullets, crowbar, everything a man can wish for.

He couldn't get into the area where the glow came from because of some device he needed. A man offered him one in exchange for an urn he was supposed to get. He went all the way to where the urn was only to be greeted by an urn and a creepy-ass house. He got out and got his device. He went in, seeing the entire thing was a mega-city. He did what he needed, explore, and went out. He got richer and richer until he KNEW he was set for life. He didn't encounter a single problem.

Once, when he ate at the local restaurant, he didn't leave a tip and was given ugly looks by the chef.
Instead, he went to the hospital to get hydrated and such, in fear of the chef doing something ugly.

Time passed, he got richer, and decided to go to the restaurant. The chef was there again, so he grabbed his stuff and went out.
Suddenly, the chef pushed him into an intersection, where he stumbled around until his everything was crushed by a car
in the most ridiculous and angering way possible.

Damn you, neo scavenger difficulty.

Goddammit, ridiculous deaths!

I gotta agree this was a bit ridiculous, this death feels cheap. Way cheaper than my character was for not leaving a tip. I'm all for C&C but getting pushed in to traffic by a disgruntled chef? I dunno. If it has to be in there, at least give a bit more warning, have the chef tell you never to come back, and if at some point you forget or get desperate and you do, then have the death happen then. Difficulty is one thing, but this is the kind of thing that will happen once, annoy the hell out of you because it undoes all the work you've put in to that point, seemingly out of the blue - then it'll never happen again because every future playthrough you'll tip. Seems a bit pointlessly frustrating. Anyway, just my two cents on it.