Making and storing wood ash?

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Making and storing wood ash?

Is it just me, or is ash a real pain to carry/store? I'm pretty sure I couldn't get it to stack, and for some reason it can't be carried inside bottles. Is this a bug or intentional? I'm assuming the latter; if so, is it possible to make ash stack-able and/or storable in bottles? That seems realistic to me, given how other items work.

Also, is it possible to create ash by deliberately burning up extra wood in a fire? I can only seem to create ash by letting a fire go out or extinguishing it on purpose (turn a big fire into a small one by adding a random clothing item, for example).

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You can simply craft campfires or torches into small campfires and/or ashes.

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Storing ash in bottles makes sense. For some reason, I only had the pill bottles set to store "fine" objects (like pills, small parts, and ash). I've set the larger bottles to store them, as well.


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Thanks... and awesome! It's those little tweaks that make the game such fun.

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could you make some sort of ash bomb were you throw a bottle of ash on the ground and the man is blinded for a turn or two...

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Newspaper (or Plastic Bag?) + 2 Ash = Ash Bomb
Range 1
Special Attack Option
Effects: No Damage, Possibly Blind, Possibly Induce Vulnerable, low chance to cause fallen?

I wouldn't use it, but it would be fun... eventually.

When I need more ash I just go to a forrest, make a bunch of fires, then find a place to hide. once the fires die down there is plenty of ash.

You don't have to wait for the fires to die off on their own, you can use crafting to extinguish a fire right away and give you the ash. You can rapidly make and extinguish small fires if you need a lot.

Thanks, I never knew that.