Can see result of action before action taken.

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Can see result of action before action taken.

When scavenging an area, if I select an action like 'botany' the stats on the side will sometimes change to say 'fell down a ravine'. Then, when I click ok, lo and behold, I fall down a ravine! I must be psychic! ;)Happens at random, if I deselect the skill then reselect it, sometimes it shows the ravine outcome, sometimes it doesn't.

Good catch! I'm planning to replace that block of text with something more visual (e.g. danger/loot bars in the main area), both for the reason you point out, and to make it easier to see differences when items are added.In fact, it may be even worse than you think. The outcome is (I think) randomly calculated again when you press "OK," meaning players who notice that glitch will feel cheated. Definitely bumping this task up in priority.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games