Detroit Mega City as a temporary safe haven

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Detroit Mega City as a temporary safe haven

I was playing around in the game recently, getting pretty tired from walking around in the wilderness and decided to head back to the city for a rest. I wanted to resupply on perishable and non perishable foods, to handle any wounds I may still have, to eat and drink, and to rest.

Due to being able to kill DMC guards pretty easily and making a small fortune from selling their stuff, money is not an issue for me. So normally I go for the nutrient injections at the medical facility to handle my hunger and water (as well as an actual meal at the dinner, for RP purposes). That made me notice something was missing from the city.

Considering it's still supposed to be a city, not just an outpost, I would think there'd be somewhere I can go to sleep. Rather than having to go back out into the wilderness and camp out (potentially being attacked by the very DMC guards I've been hunting relentlessly). Also, unless I get lucky at the market, I can't get any perishable foods (medium meat) which seems to handle hunger and thirst pretty well, while it lasts.

I'd like to see a new area (or location in an existing area) in the city where you can rent a bed for the night. Or potentially later buy an apartment? Anyways, somewhere that I can go to sleep, while in the city. Might also be worth it to push partway through the night to get there rather than stop when it gets dark when I'm close and heading there.

Also I was thinking perhaps the meat seller in the city could also sell slabs of cooked (and possibly cured) medium and small meat. So I can load up my pack for those long trips... in case I don't encounter a deer or a dogman on the way.

On another note, I was thinking perhaps it would be an interesting recipe to be able to combine the condensed soup with water and a saucepan to produce 2x 'prepared soup.' Then perhaps add some flame to prepare 'cooked soup.' Providing greater food and water benefits. Just a thought, as I tried various ways to prepare the soup before giving up and finally just eating the condensed mixture as it was.

I think being allowed to buy an apartment would be a step too far, as you are only a "guest" in the DMC.
Renting a place for the night seems reasonable, although it might not be allowed by the DMC for security reasons.

I could see it going either way.

Buy bag of 30 cookies for 3$.
sell cookies to small children for 25 cents each.

I believe Dcfedor already pondered possibility of renting a place to rest and I guess that'd make sense, but I cannot be sure whether it will be added. While I am also against permament settlement in the game, given that it could possibly create dissonance with the story, being able to rent/use typical amenities of civilisation at DMC seems very reasonable to me.

I would like to see a few more shops inside DMC some things that could be added in addition to a hotel:

Gun shop
clothing store
computer store
actual vehicle vehicle place lol... though that would be ungodly expensive i'm sure...

hmmm, I hadn't even thought of those other types... I'd love to see a gun shop or a clothing store, simply because I'd like to be able to replace my equipment without having to kill more DMC guards.

Vehicle store? Hmmm. Only if it's unusual vehicles, like an atv, or whatnot. I see the makeshift vehicles we use as more of a 'junk market' only purchase...

yah i was thinking of the kind that would need some sort of fuel, or power sorce. One that would be rare outside of DMC, so if your not careful you could end up having to ditch your ride and walk to DMC back to get feul/power for it. lol

And I like computer store idea because with out it, you could be out of luck if you took hacking and just never had the luck of finding a laptop x.x

Back when I first started playing (about a year ago), I posted a fairly long thread about this subject; don't know if it's still here. Basically, I said something similar to the OP, that the DMC should have rent-able "apartments" for the player.

Successful scavengers raking in the cash should be able to rent or even buy a hovel, then an apartment, and finally a sweet penthouse: the ultimate "rest" location in the game.

Does this take away from the "survivalist scavenger" aspect of the game? Not really, IMO. Firstly, it would actually encourage players to work and earn, not just stay alive, if they want big rewards (ditto on the gun shop idea) just like real life. Secondly, it gives a long-term goal to work towards after early-game pure survival, without the need for any big quests at all; just saving up to buy a tiny windowless apartment cube (windows cost double!) would be an epic goal in itself. Finally, it would be completely optional, for those who prefer to wear pelts and live in the wild.

As for the OP's soup comment... that was one of my first questions here too! How do you "heat" the canned soup?! I am surprised there is still no way to do this (and add warmth at least, if not more hunger benefit).

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