metabolism. red vs. blue

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metabolism. red vs. blue

I want to know if my current play style is worth it.

I find and hoard lots of food, so the red metabolism isn't as much of a concern, but I want to know if the healing benefit built into it is worth the need to always have a lot of food on hand.

On the other hand the blue metabolism would help my characters not die of thirst (or does it only affect food) but how big is the slower healing draw back?

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The healing benefit from a red Metabolism is very slight, and by no means worth raised food/water intake - it is a bad trait, after all, it is supposed to be penalizing.

And both Metabolisms affect both food and water intake, blue one lowering them by roughly 40%. The slower healing is, again, only a very minor thing.

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Thank you, does anyone think that the red metabolism is a good trade off if you have the botany skill? I find that a strong/botany build is great for finding food, but only in forests.

thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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I find that botany is pretty useless when you have trapping, as trapping allows you to catch squirrels in the forest( sometimes you catch like 10 a set of 5 forest!) .It also allows you to cure meat, which makes meat last 2x as long, you just need to drink a ton of water... which is pretty much everywhere.

I mean everyone should take trapping, its so good. It allows you to skin dogmen for the hide in the beginning of the game, and complete the hatter quest without collecting the urn.


My biggest problem in the game is finding water. What are some tips on where to find it? With Botany I just have to enter a forest and there is at least two water.

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Go to a hex with water and use the river/marsh/lake resource as crafting ingredient.

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I always take the red metabolism trait. Non-cured cooked meat is pretty hydrating in its self.