Your best money making methods.

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Your best money making methods.

Beside obvious things (pills, ammo, alcohol, nanokit, sidearms)
While scavenging I stick to ripping apart clothes and breaking bottles
Surprisingly shivs are small, easy to make and have good price

Greenwood bows are also good stuff for money grinding, but requires forest near Junk market and Ranged skill
And sometimes Hacking can be good source of income (electronics may contain data file worth few k)

So what do you do for money?

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

when i get lucky, get dog repellent and hunt dogmen few hexes outside of dmc

Never take your neckless off while taking a shower

I corner the pre owned hikeing boot market (use to be the pre owned hikeing boots and bandit bits market)

Make camp near the junk market and police the area where looting chances start to get better. Looters tend to be in this area and have some good stuff on them. The longer you stay, the better your chances are. More looters come to the area over time, and the "scavenge" areas re-spawn loot. This means that there are more looters carrying valuables.

I hope this helps!

Once you get a set of nvg's or the eye upgrade you can go bandit hunting at night, try to go for the ones with guns as they cant fight back in the dark, a spear or bow is all you need for this.

It's possible I'm somewhat subverting things by doing this, but I'm a water merchant!

I set up camp at a marsh near the junk market, and filled my backpack with bottles. Now I go back and forth from my camp, getting water, boiling it, then going to the junk merchant and emptying all the bottles into the junk merchant's inventory- so I can reuse the bottles. Before I figured out I could just empty them like that, I was buying all the empty bottles I could find, then going into the city and buying corn-a-colas to fill up my backpack/boxcart, and then emptying those out and filling them with sterilized water.

I'm thinking that I shouldn't actually be able to empty my bottles like that necessarily, but I'm rather enjoying the flavour behind the idea that I'm supplying the outer slums with potable water to make money.

I do this to, and in addition to this I boil rags and sell. It's not much profit but you always find clothes etc. lying around when out scavenging :)

Why Boil rags when boiled and purified waters worth more 5$ water to 1$ clean rags per

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boil the water into tea. bigger return

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Hacking Laptops and the like. get a cheap memory stick, 1$ at the junk market and find an electronic device with a program on it, power it up hack that baby and transport the file into the mem stick (have to be holding the device to do it) and you have an easy 500$ at least

Pure scavenger of items, since I primarily run a heavy combat/self sufficiency build.

Game start always sees me heading to the Strange Forest in order to snag that free DMC pass to sell at junk man.
However its all about maximizing my space. Bag on my back, in my off hand. plastic sled with two bags in it. Uses (2)7x7 space for bags and creates (2)10x10 space inside. Lacking the high priced items its all about what I can store inside of something else. Medkits gets grabbed regardless of quality as the space is true. Stack of tarps x3 sell for 27 bucks, All the painkillers go to sale. Full bottle something like 50 bucks, I cant remember right now. Obviously weapons and ammo have a high priority.

Yea its slow and tedious but its exciting and works. On average a trip lasting about 15-30 minutes can pull around 900 for the trader in various items.


Here is how and why

Spoiler: Highlight to view
when entering into the strange forest and beating the beast inside with skills occasionally when leaving a woman will appear and when she disappears she leaves some items behind, but the pass is a fake and will get u banned from DMC if you try to use it.

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Personally the pre-owned shoe market is wonderful, as well as the fur market. If you have the mechanic skill [ not that most people do] you can also reverse the binocular recipe and double your money! [ you can also repair a few items by deconstructing, then reconstructing them ] lockpicks, if you have the skill, are also a wonderful source of money, I think they have one of the highest value/weight ratios going on. $200/kg

I generally just kill everyone I see and sell their stuff to the junk market.

Buy bag of 30 cookies for 3$.
sell cookies to small children for 25 cents each.

Ironically the new best way to earn money is to kill DMC guards. They give about 1000 in gear once you sell it all. However if there is 2 or more nearby *DO NOT ATTACK* you will be killed. If you find a lone guard I say take him on.

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After my first time playing in a while I have to agree. The guards are real cash cows. On some level this really pleases me. Back in the old builds before the city gates had opened and DMC loot rates were nerfed my friend and I would just beeline to the megacity. We'd hang out there and chop up looters for their hiking boots until we could afford NVGs. After the DMC area loot nerf, surviving solely by murdering around the megacity became less feasible, and I'd just roam the map collecting pills and ammo to sell.

Now we've come full circle. You can just hang out around the junk market killing guards and selling their equipment.

New content gets added and upsets the balance. Wait a bit till the issue of guards serving as cash cows will become too commonspread and you'll get something to remedy the situation. I'd vote for actual big squads being dispatched and pursuing the character as soon as it gets near the sprawl.

Maybe the answer is to make equipment that's identifiable as belonging to DMC guards unsellable. Their ammo, water, balaclavas, etc. would be fair game to sell because they're fairly generic, but if you try selling equipment emblazoned with "DMC" you receive an encounter similar to selling human meat. It restores game balance and maintains realism.

Imagine a news story runs about some cop killer on the run in NYC. Next day, a guy walks into a pawn shop trying to sell a used Glock and a vest and jacket full of bullet holes. The vest and jacket say "NYPD" on them. How do you think that goes?

Yeah, you are right - while greedy merchants on the Market might not care where all this blooded stuff is coming from, possession and dealing with the items that obviously came from the guard's armory sounds like a very easy way to get in trouble. Trouble like, for example, being accidentally shot to the head during the routine ID check performed by friends of the dead guard that the equipment belonged to...

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That's pretty much what I had in mind. Equipment that's obviously from dead patrolmen wouldn't be something a wise merchant wants to stock. Someone may even be inclined to shoot the DMC guards a tip about a wanderer hocking city property. Their motives for doing so I leave to the imagination of others, but the event writes itself.

I just make my way to ATN, buy a war club.
Then make my way to DMC and camp in a forest tile right next to the city.
Any lonely DMC guard foolish enough to step in is clubbed to death and stripped clean, day or night.
Then I load all the crap into my cart and wheel it to the Junk Market for a 5-6k cashout.

It's like a Camp Crystal Lake and I'm a freakin' Jason clubbing stupid counselors to death.

I scavenge outside of DMC and sell whatever I find, And kill Raiders and looters on sight. Its surprising how you come out of the woods with a backpack of bloody shoes and no one cares. xD

"Holy DMC Guards, Batman!"

Hey it's the junk market in the slums. Sort of a no questions asked kind of thing. They only care about the goods not the means.

Killed my first guards yesterday, was surprisingly easy or I got very lucky. First guard I found broke his pistol after his first shot (missed), at the same time my bow broke so I beat him using my spear (all he had was his flashlight), untill that broke, began chasing him with a stick :D. But he fled, badly wounded. Chased him and managed to catch up. Managed to bash him to death with the stick, tho apparently he had healed his wounds and was very strong, he had found a crowbar too. When heading back to DMC I found out why he was so strong, it was the wrong guard. The first one had died while fleeing. Did that just happen? Killed two guards with a stick! Two sets of great quality armor, guns and ammo. If I could kill them with sticks, can't wait to go again. :)

The first thing I sell when I get a vehicle are shoes. They sell for a nice amount of coin.
Then I start to store hides in the form of gloves so I can carry more, then I disassemble them to make tunics and sell them.
I usually sell prescription pills and other highly value stuff I come across that doesn't take much room.
I also sell firearms since I stick with slings for long range combat. I sometimes make tons of arrows to sell too.

Slings could be actually quite deadly to enemies and stones are plentiful so yeah.

Pew pew pew!



A bit late, but my best money method was grabbing the botany perk and setting up a tea business! Made $23 per bottle of tea (Make sure you empty the bottle not sell the whole bottle) I could carry 34 bottles, so 34*23=$782 per run!!! There are pretty much no operating costs as you get most of your stuff from the river and the forest, apart from buying the starting bottles and such. You wanna maximize space for bottles, so I stored my stuff in a burned down building for more space for bottles, but don't forget to bring a lighter and pot. Its a bit time consuming though, especially since turn times can get long from the guards are moving around the city, but it's very safe (if a river and forest are nearby) and reliable. Hope this helps!

As soon as I find a working gas mask, I go to the great black swamp, the regular loot spots there have some great loot in the form of multitools, ammo, rarely a nano medkit but it happens. Once every blue moon, you'll find a different kind of looting spot, it's these that bring in the cash, so far I've found these twice. First one I ended up with 1,8k worth of loot in the form of dozens of painkiller bottles all filled with 20 pills per pop and 2 handy boxes for transport, the second had a fully working 100% handgun filled with ammo and some other ammo, kept the handgun, sold everything except 20 painkiller pills, made around 3k that way.

Note that a working gasmask is needed for this strategy to work, else you will get defoliant exposure, which is a permanent disease.

About the whole DMC equipment argument: While selling their stuff in modern day life would result in you getting caught, keep in mind we're in a post apocalyptic world, if killed by anything that doesn't loot, their equipment drops to the ground. Newsflashes about someone killing guards? How would they manage to get this done in the first place, unless witnessed by a third party which was able to flee, even looting accidents can get you killed in this world, dmc guards die all the time. Someone finding their equipment and selling it would not be that uncommon nor suspicious. Lets not forget their own tendency to drop other valuables or ignore inferior guns and leaving them to be found by others after a kill.

Tannin Tea Sprawl Manufacture Kit(r)

Well what I do is utilize the botany skill farming tannin tea. All you need is a pan (or something to boil the tea in), a bunch of twigs, lots of water, a bunch of bottles, and fire. I park my butt at a water source directly adjacent to a forest source, as close to the junk market as possible, and just grind out tannin teas and sell them in batches. Super easy and fast. Got enough for the eye replacement in about 8 cycles. Took about 15 mins. Would have been faster if I had more bottles.

Oh. I see I'm like 2 years late. Never mind lol

Killing... Killing eveything, crushing DMC skulls, empaling Dogmen, selling meat, selling skin, and KILLING !

Don't try to sell dmc guard armor etc. If you sell them, you should to pay 1000 dollars.

But you can sell bark tea. It is easy to make and expensive.