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6 tips

1. If you are a archer and have the range skill, make a Greenwood bow and place on your shoulder for a quiver

2. Shoot on site, if you can use your bullets or arrows on groups or dogman, because they can kill you pretty easily

3. inventory management, use the WASD or arrow keys to rotate item for maximum storage capacity

4. using the water tester after get water from a lake etc, and coming out good, all the water is probably good

5. Check the condition on your packs and carts so you change them out when you need to or have the chance to


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use insomniac, myopia and metabolism as traits because then can be removed in the long run (sleeping pills, artificial eyes and metabolism is beneficial)

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The red metabolism trait only has a very minor beneficial healing effect, while nearly doubling the supplies you're required to find/eat/drink. It really is a drawback, especially for those folks new to the game and/or not running around with the skills to find food/water when they need it. I usually take it as a fair tradeoff for Botany, but I wouldn't recommend it for all builds, especially to the kind of players who still need to read tips posts.

You can counter fast metabolism by botany
Just search woods and plains for berries and mushrooms.

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

I've had good success pairing red metabolism with trapping. You need to be prepared to hunt though, and to carry a fair buffer amount of meat with you, including a small amount of cured meat.

Actually, just because the first water you check is clean doesn't mean the rest will also be ok. I always test all the water because some of it will be infected. So, you need to test all of the water if you want to avoid getting an infection. Besides, it only costs you 0.01 moves to analyse each unit of water so it seems daft not to test it all.

Just to elaborate, I usually carry 12 water bottles with me so I don't have to worry about finding water very often - 6 in my backpack, 6 in my 'vehicle'. When I do go to collect water from a water source, I craft two loads and analyse all of it. Out of the 12 units of water crafted, I almost always get between 3 and 6 infected. I used to just boil all the water I found (seems to get rid of any infection) but this takes up a lot more of your turn and can be a bit of a hassle at times. It seemed more cost effective move-wise to analyse everything first to find the infected ones and if I still don't have enough water I'll just craft 6 more from the water source and analyse those too.

Thanks for the inventory management tip!

I love this game. I started playing it yesterday, and I like the hardcore stumble-around-and-figure-stuff-out aspect. Ive had about 28 playthroughs so far.

Although I don't like the "lacking in basic info about how to interact with the UI" aspect. For example, I died of dehydration in the two games I got the farthest in (to Hatter, then up), because I didn't realize you had to use the crafting window to get water out of rivers.

I thought it was just an unimplemented feature or I was missing some item I needed, as going to crafting for water is pretty unintuitive to the new player. I just kept dropping my bottle in the water, or vice-versa same way you'd do it with a droplet.

In unforgiving games like this you should die because of the gameworld, not the UI.