Your character is a dick

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Your character is a dick

Alright guys like the title says: What has your character done that would constitute him as a dick?

My character will crack a crowbar over a surrendering raider's head and then kick him to death.

I've probably killed 20 or so melonheads trying to run away.

My guy will chase down retreating looters just to eat them D:

I frequently beat people to death for their shoes.

I used to sale people to the market in their backpacks...

I can't help it, I actually LOL'd there. Reminds me too much of that period where cannabalism had no drawbacks. I never stooped to it, but there were times it was damned tempting...

In the earlier builds I would just hang around the junk market chasing down looters with night vision goggles and chopping them up for their shoes. The fact that this blood-spattered, grungy hobo would emerge from the woodline with backpacks full of bloody mismatched shoes for sale never seemed to bother anyone.

There's a lot more to do in Neo Scavenger now and night vision goggles aren't quite so end-game supreme.

They're still bloody awesome, though. Take a lighter and a crowbar along to make looting a cinch.

I threatened a gutter-dwelling street rat begging for food in an attempt to get her to lead me to where her family stayed.

Had she known that I only wanted to go there and find out if there was any way I could help them out, maybe I wouldn't have come off like such a dick, but alas... the game doesn't have many options for being a pragmatist.

The sad fact of the matter is, I had quite an excess of meats going to waste back at my camp. I'd have gladly shared what I had with them, if I'd have thought I could find them again after going to fetch the meat from my home.

Oh well... at least I got a bunch of delicious, delicious snack cakes.

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I can't be bothered to lug extra shoes around just to sell them, but anytime I find some - through scavenging, murd- um, self-defense, or persuading looters to drop their gear and leave - I make a point of destroying any I'm not gonna wear myself, so everyone else will eventually be running around out there barefoot.

Random event. Stole water which was desperately needed and just walked off, destroying the bottle of water in the process without even drinking it to top it all off.

I found a family sitting in an alley, made them give me all their stuff and chased them off. I got a sleeping bag and water though! FTW. :3

*Throws IPad and picks up Razer Tablet*

I destroy all weapons I won't use myself and break down all shopping carts I don't need
NPCs will be unarmed, while dragging basket awkwardly
Easy prey >:)

P.S.I also steal electricity from C-Store on regular basis

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Shoes and shirts too. I let them keep the pants so I can have a couple extra berries when I kill em.

>25 Melonheads appeared!
>Get punched probably 75 times by frail and feeble humanoids
>Die of cerebral compression, PCW, and cardiac arrest simultaneously