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New tutorial video.

Hello peeps,

I am going to do a new video for the wiki, again focusing on surviving your first night. I have not played the game in a long while, so I will play through a few Dorthy's/Sleeping Beauties to familiarize my self with the game. In the mean time I want you folks to suggest things that I should ensure make the video. I sadly do not do any kind of video editing so time is a concern as I would like to keep the video under the 25-30 minute mark.

O BTW the first tutorial video broke 3,000 views the week before last, I can only assume the release on steam brought more folks into the fold.


Hey mate, it's nice of you to do that.

I think, you should make sure your video covers the basics of:
- keeping the character warm (using of the Sleeping Bag and maybe fire-starting with Trapping + how to fix the HVAC heater with Mechanic)
- how to find water, warning about drinking of contaminated water + boiling instruction
- basics of food finding (Trapping vs. Botany vs. hunting maybe)
- basics of combat (that will be the most problematic, since you can always get your arse kicked :D) and how to retreat successfully (first move away before retreating, that kind of stuff)

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- You should also explain that it is sufficient to have a sleeping bag on the ground or in camp when ending a turn. It is not necessary to actually sleep or even stay in the same hex to benefit from it. The following round one can simply pick the sleeping bag up, travel some hexes, put it down again and so on.
- The dogman combo Strong and/or Melee plus Trapping: Kill the dogman in the cryo facility with Strong/Melee (combine both to avoid injuries and get a video) and use the glass shards from the broken window. I suggest you show that it's still possible to get some pieces of fur without Trapping and by adding the Trapping skill the fur coat is added to the possible outcomes, which can be toggled with the help of the little orange arrows, which are overlooked quite often.
- Explain how to use sleds and that they are horribly burdening unless two medium strings are attached.
- Hotkeys 1,2,3 and Space
- Cannibalism: Possible but problematic.
- Hacking: Laptops can be unlocked via Hacking skill if locked, other locked devices require an unlocked laptop and the appropriate cracking software. Best source for software and batteries is the junk market and there's more than enough electricity in the sprawl around DMC. Locked devices can contain valuable files. Or simply say that electronics stuff gets important when reaching DMC.

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After reading these first two comments it seems I have a lot of play to get done to be in a position to make the video. :P

Wow, this game's fan base is a already growing rapidly. Looking forward to that video! I need it myself lol. :)

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