Hunting and Fishing

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Hunting and Fishing

This idea is a lot like trapping but, personally trapping is the most Over Powered perk you can get, so if they change the name to something like survivalist or something, then remove the hunting aspect and make a new perk.

Hunting perk,

main idea
-can fish when scavenging water tiles
-can hunt with guns when scavenging forest
-can hunt with snares when scavenging forest
-can hunt with duck calls, etc. when scavenging forest

New Mobs:
-turkey (scared, unless in groups then their aggressive)
-rabbits (scavenge only)
-bears (aggressive)
-fish (scavenge only)
-giant rat (aggressive)

New Items:
- duck calls Etc. (attract animal mobs)
-- professional and crude/makeshift

-fishing rod (fish)
--professional and crude rods

-cross bow (like compound and greenwood)

-quiver (holds arrows)

-Snares (large and small snares) (catch animals)


-Large snare (large branch, medium string, hunting)

-makeshift quiver (leather, string, sharp edge, hunting)

-crude fishing rod (large branch, medium string, hunting,)

-Duck call (medium branch, mechanical parts, hunting, sharp edge,)

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I like the idea, but if I may suggest a few modifications.
Hunter would be used for crafting some of those items, but have a chance to find in those survivalist shacks, in murder loot, and/or *rarely* in the junk market. Just so the rest of us can enjoy those little bonuses; albeit, unreliably. This could take away from the hunter perk its self, so maybe those items just increase the ' loot ' factor in those areas greatly, but everyone has a small chance of happening upon a duck and bashing it with a rock, or something to that effect.

[Fishing spear might be more feasible for quick scavenging rather than a rod, and would be, in my opinion, more sensible as there is less equipment and would have a good understandable basis for degradation.]

You say turkeys would only be aggressive in groups, are you suggesting something similar to melonhead behaviour, or something different entirely? [ Just for my own curiousness as to how that would actually play out in game, as I can already imagine bears being 'murderous.']

Oh and sinew for the crossbow coming from using/crafting meat/hides on/with a fire; I don't feel string and twine would be good enough for any kind of effective crossbow. Crossbows would also require bolts, not that big of a deal.

All in all, I do like the idea!

I like the idea of more options related to hunting and survival besides botany or trapping. New skills are unlikely to be added right away, but I don't want to see trapping or botany lose their value. Finding a balance there is the key to selling many of these concepts.

There is no real need for a new skill, as most of the parts of hunting are already covered by a number of existing ones: actual hitting the target with Ranged, finding the target with Tracking and preparing it's corpse with Trapping.

I would prefer for an existing skills to actually become more useful instead, like the addition of bird eggs (or even small birds like pheasants for example) as a loot scavengable via Tracking (skill allows to find the nests), or cage-traps for catching rats, constructed with the Mechanic skill.

Fishing with rod should be available for everyone, but taking a very long time. Fishing with spear still looks like a trapper's thing though.

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Lets not forget good old fashion Shotgun fishing! Available to everyone perhaps?

Spear fishing maybe, tracking/melee/range [melee and range because they already allow you to fashion a spear of another sort. I can't imagine getting the idea to fish with a spear that you've already made would be too much of a stretch]