Bug with raiders and bandits

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Bug with raiders and bandits

For some reason, any bandit I encounter will usually retreat from me if I threaten them, demand surrender, or starting dodging/parrying. Even if they have the upper hand they will run. There have been several instances where they had guns, crowsbars, etc, and I had nothing, and they would still retreat from me. They try to avoid encounters at an insane level that I do not remember being in previous versions. Has anyone else experienced this or know a work around for it currently? This makes it hard getting loot as I can't kill anyone for their items :/.

Do you have any of the following skills or items?

Dogman Cloak

Each of those has a cumulative effect on your threat level, and can send NPCs running. Also, each NPC has some factors of their own which contribute to their confidence (wounds, diseases, skills, etc.).

If it's none of the above, there might be something else awry.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Don't forget equipping the clown mask, weapons or "acting brave" in combat.

Most folks complaining about retreating enemies seriously outclass their opponents. I like it, it feels like an actual AI evaluation of the situation.

Good point, Caerold. I forgot to mention those!

And yeah, AI does make an honest effort to only pick fights it thinks it can win :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

One thing I noticed that might be possible a bug is when I was using a broad spear against a bandit, he was repeatedly running away which was normal in my books. But when I'm in 3 range of him and start using normal attacks, he shouts at me to surrender and continues doing that - is that a bug or is he pulling a tough guy routine as he gets riddled with holes?

It's working as designed, but it might not be the best design. Basically, the AI has a range of moves available each turn, just like the player. Each move has a category (offensive, retreat, hold ground, etc.) and a priority. The AI then randomly selects from the list based on those factors combined with things like morale.

In some cases, the AI might not want to fight, but also doesn't want to flee. In such cases, threatening and demanding surrender are ways they AI can stay in the battle without a fight. Sometimes it seems weird (as in your case), other times we can rationalize it and it seems cool.

So not a bug, per se, but also not ideal.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games