Crafting issues and a minor bug report [Steam beta branch]

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Crafting issues and a minor bug report [Steam beta branch]


just picked the game up on Steam yesterday, followed it for quite a while before and finally decided to buy it. I'm really happy with it and it's lots of fun, BUT:

I have some issues with crafting here but I guess I'm just unable to figure it out how it works, neither could I find the information I am looking for via Google... :-/

So I got a pair of binoculars here and also 2x Medium Thread (a medium length of string, twine and cord). I want to make a strap for it to be able to wear it on my neck. Putting the Binoculars and the medium Threads into the crafting window doesn't work though, also tried putting the mechanics skill in, too but according to the wiki its correct like that.

Binoculars w/Strap (R) 0.01
[↓] Binocular Optical Zoom (1)

[↓] Medium Thread (1)

Would be nice if someone could explain to me what I am doing wrong here... :3

The minor bug I supposedly found was about my campsite. I opened the campsite window and put the sleeping bag inside. I then hid my tracks in the hex and also hid myself. Then swapped back to the campsite window and the sleeping bag was simply gone. Didn't end the turn or anything... O_o

Anyways, love the game and am enjoying it a lot.

Cheers and happy holidays!

I moved the topic to "Technical Support: Game" - that's where all the bugs and issues should land :D

Anyway. When you put Binoculars and Medium Thread into the crafting grid, the result is 3 Small Threads, right?
At the upper right side of the crafting results grid, a black and orange arrows should become visible. Click them to get to the Strapped Binoculars recipe.

It is that way due to the fact that now more than one outcome is possible (small threads from medium thread, and strapped binoculars form binoculars and m. thread). Using the arrows, you can circle through all the possible outcomes. It lists them from least to most valuable, so Small Threads are first on the list.

The other thing sounds like a bug. Dan would need to look into that.

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The bug with vanishing items should be fixed in the test version 0.982t.

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I think I'll need to beef-up those crafting arrows in the UI. So many people miss them when they're starting out :)

As for the bug, that sounds a lot like one that appeared in the brief 0.981 build I later removed. It shouldn't be happening in 0.980 nor 0.982 (the optional test version). Is it possible that you are using 0.981? (Should be listed under the logo on the title screen.)

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If you try to craft binocs with strap and DON'T get an orange arrow, that means you're trying to craft a recipe the demo doesn't have access to. It's almost certainly the "next page" arrow, but if not, double check your build info

That's a good point, I forgot about that! The demo has a limited subset of items and recipes to work with, so that can cause an issue like this.

However, in ZENTRIERER's case, I'm pretty sure he's using the beta and not the demo, based on his comment.

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