Fixing the HVAC

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Fixing the HVAC

Ok, so I have the tarp, I have the screws, I have mechanics, I have the multi-tool. So..... How in the world do I pick up the HVAC to fix the thing? When I go in the Cryo Center I have no crafting button, and I can't seem to pick up the HVAC. I'm confused on how to move forward with this. Any help?

End the encounter and access crafting simply standing on the hex, on the map. The HVAC (unheated) should be there as a normal item (it is always inside the Exam Room camp inventory). Then you can craft it into a working version.

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It's always in the room inventory... unless you're tricky like me.

I select the Exam room as camp, then drag the 2 useless (for my build) wastes of space on top of the "any old place on the ground" campsite icon in the camp screen. *Poof!* No more annoying junk crowding up my living room. ;-)

This is a great trick. I'm a hoarder so I need every square inch of my camp that I can get.

Is it really safe to store items in the Cryo Lab?

As of the most recent version, at least, yeah. The cryolab is one of the map hexes that has an encounter on entering it. Those have been designated as off-limits to NPCs to avoid breaking an encounter-chain with unscheduled combat. There have been times where folks have reported being harrassed, but I haven't seen it as of the latest beta. Should be 100% safe.