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Mark Uncraftable

It might be a good idea to allow us to make things as uncraftable. I accidentally crafted an arrow

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with the necklace and the Merga Wraith jumped me immediately and killed me

. This would be helpful so we accidentally don't reverse-craft things like arrows, which take a fairly long time to craft to start with. Craft, uncraft, and then re-craft takes a while.

D actually added this property to the game in .982, and it would have been easy to do this a long time ago. I can only guess he didn't for the same reason he added the encounter into the game -- to surprise and terrify new or uncautious players. As of the current version, the necklace is still craftable.

Uncrafting and recrafting arrows (with new shafts and points) is a great way to get more use out of paper scraps in the early game. Crude arrows degrade 50% per shot, but the paper fletching doesn't degrade at all and can be reused. I find I really need every arrow I can stockpile until I can scavenge enough newspapers.

Protip: Always keep a bunch of small string on hand and you'll never have a problem.