Vehicle vs no Vehicle (Sled, shopping cart etc.)

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Vehicle vs no Vehicle (Sled, shopping cart etc.)

Do you guys like to pull a sled or cart with you at all times or do you like to travel light?

At the moment I seem to collect a lot of loot so a cart makes a lot of sense but I'm having trouble in fights with it. One time I dropped my cart in the middle of a fight (I was chasing a deer or something) only to have a looter nick it away from me before I had a chance to act.

I understand that without a cart I can move across the map faster and move much faster in battle.

Is there a way to efficiently survive without one?

You can try using the Ranged and Strong skills. Start initially with your bow, and then get close and pull out the crowbar w/ strap and unload. Learn how to fight.

Personally, I travel without a vehicle at all times. 2 Yukons is more than enough space for everything you need.

I use a sled or something some times because I'm a hoarder (it's hard not to be when many other games promote it) mostly when I'm around DMC trading vast quantities of loot. When I head more towards the center I travel more light.

There's things you can do to cut down on inventory space. You can use soup cans for boiling water. You can use the same soup can for a noise trap when you need to camp, and you can also dismantle it again and store your stack of string inside the can, leaving only an extra stack of pebbles.

You don't need to keep paper or kindling for fires because you can burn rags or string. If you do need to carry paper for whatever reason though, you can shred a newspaper into a much smaller stack of 10 scraps. Paper scraps can stack up to 30 I think so you could fit a whole 90 of them in the place of a single newspaper.

Rags and string are very copious, especially since you can rip up useless clothing to make them.

You can consolidate stacks of small string into a stack of medium string to take up less space, but that's probably more string than you ever need to carry.

Really, you can actually stuff all your essentials into just one pack. Even the first aid kit can perfectly hold a pill bottle, a pile of rags, and two water bottles. Two packs is mainly for overflow. Keep things that are sort of hard to get, like lighters and to an extent pills and stuff. Other things you really only need a little bit of, or can make on the spot.

Those are some great tips. Same advice I'd have given. You sure know your stuff.

Two packs gives you room to carry stacks of arrows and all the crap you need to make new arrows as you use them up. Other than that I'd be using 1 pack most of the time as well. Once you learn what to look for you can get along just fine with a minimal amount of junk.

Yeah. It's even better if you can find the small version of the sleeping bag. But even the large one can be dealt with in a pinch if your weapon is also a cutting implement, or you use glass shards which can get you by and they're found pretty often. You can keep them in your jeans pocket with lighters and whatever else... I wouldn't want glass in my pocket in real life but in the game it works fine haha.

Yeah, that's an exploit of the crafting system I hope gets fixed. It wouldn't be hard to disallow using large items to make small items, and D's already addressed it in the past with things like deer corpses.

I usually travel with a vehicle. A shopping or box cart if I can find one (Mechanic skill isn't worth the hassle), else a sled. 1 or 2 backpacks are simply way to small to transport all the stuff one can sell a for decent price.

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And don't forget that you can put extra backpacks in your sled/cart. They open up to add a lot more room than they take up on the cart, so usually I run up against my "burdened" weight limit before I run out of space. Viva la Strong skill!

Real hoarders ENJOY the extra time it takes to transport all their stuff! ;-)

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

actually due to a bug, it's better to have EMPTY sled-on-a-string or cart attached, as it actually improves your burden threshold. unless you are athletic and like to run a lot. otherwise, well, maybe it's because you ride it at times? ;) as for scavenging for trade, just stick to anything that's worth >100$/1kg and ignore the rest