Post your favorite builds, please!

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Post your favorite builds, please!

I looked around on the wiki but I haven't found any builds. It also looked like there weren't anything recent on builds. I'm currently making a guide on the skills/abilities and traits on Neo Scavenger (I'll be posting that guide here and on steam). It'd be helpful if you guys posted your favorite builds with all the hacking, bows, and shopping carts in mind (I'll give out credit). Post your strategies and your playstyle too!

I'll start out with my favorite build.

-Traits: Basic Human x4, Myopia, and Insomniac
I pick these two traits because

Spoiler: Highlight to view
myopia can be fixed at the DMC

and not being able to sleep doesn't really affect me too much (I usually camp until full daylight).

-Skills/Abilities: Athletic, Trapping, Hacking, Ranged, Mechanic, and Metabolism

Since I don't have hiding, I usually end up with a lot of enemies around. I need athletic because you can fight a lot more guys consecutively with it. Trapping is a bit OP right now, since lighters are usually so hard to find. I honestly haven't hacked anything with a laptop yet, but I really want to try. I picked ranged instead of melee because I usually make bows and arrows all the time, combined with a broad spear on the other hand. Mechanic is for making boxcarts, shopping carts, and fixing up the HVAC vent. Metabolism might be a little unneeded since I can get food with trapping, but food is usually a bit harder to come by if you refuse to eat humans. I also get more time to do other stuff instead of gathering food.

The way I go out with this build is I try to immediately make some weapons spears/bow. Afterwards I scavenge around a bit until I'm ready to get to the glow. I usually start traveling to the glow after a day or two because of the easier enemies there. The bad side to this build is that it's a bit medicine reliant (no botany or medic). You also gotta

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get that eye fixed

, which costs a lot of money.

~The Pirate

I go with the full 3rd row and melee, take Myopia because you can fix that with s strapped scope/binocs.
So, in total, it's Botany, for the tea and berries, Trapping, because lure, Strong melee and tough speak for themselves.
It's a pretty lacking setup for ranged gear, you can't make spears, which can be remedied by taking Insomniac and then Ranged as well, but that's optional.

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OK, so my current favorite build looks something like that:

None - taking Myopia feels like cheating (both because it can be cured and because binoculars help to counter-balance it), others make game actually harder;

I still go for eye operation of course.

Athletic - to heroically run away;
Hacking - because it feels really cool; also, I always hope to make it big by finding this $5k file :D
Lockpicking - safety and silence during scavenging - priceless!
Metabolism - to mitigate the lack of food-supplying skills; also, since I have to eat less, the inventory (and weight) management becomes easier;

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I go with Strong, melee tough and myopia and metabolism because i'm a cannibal and survive off fighting for food

4xNormal Human

Other (Right now Hacking)

Botany is ridiculously good for getting food and water. Foraging in forests will often find you like 10+ safe berries and mushrooms which are both feeding and hydrating. With botany you never have food issues.

Trapping is for combat (dropping enemies in pits) and because it's annoying very early on when you don't have a lighter, or enough clothes to not risk freezing. Trapping holds you over by letting you make a fire.

Ranged is awesome because you can make bows and arrows early, you can make broad spears early, and then later it helps with gun accuracy (and removes the minor annoyance of just having "bullets" and having to judge by size and color).

Strong is great because it lets you increase your scavenging chances in most situations, it increases melee damage, and it increases the amount of junk you can bring back, which is important because it's easy enough with this build to take down two dogmen and want to cart 2 backpacks full of dogmen hide and cured medium meats back to the Junk Market.

Early game works like this: Scavenge around cryo facility until you find clothes and a backpack. Make a broad spear as soon as you have some rags and a shard, and make a bow as soon as you have some thread. Make broadhead arrows as soon as you find some paper. Fight anything that only throws punches or has a short ranged weapon other than a monkey wrench or cleaver. Fight by shooting them with all of your arrows, and then standing at 3 range and stabbing. Use fall back and run a lot to stay at 3+ distance, let them charge into range which will leave them vulnerable. When they are vulnerable, stab them, or if you can, create obstacle or lure them into a pit. Trip is good, but try to avoid things that make you vulnerable when they can hit you. If they fall, kick them.

Once you have decent clothes, head to DMC. Trapping helps get you into the city. Create a campsite in the DMC slums and head north to scavenge and hunt (Because the tiles are hexagons, it's more efficient to go north or northwest than straight west to get out of DMCs looted radius). Find guns. If you find a dogman, run unless you have good guns, you can totally kill them with a spear, but one wrong step and they can eviscerate you. With guns, kill dogmen, get skins, wear them. Terrorize looters into submission and take THEIR guns and sell them to buy ammo. Get a nano-medkit thing, and dine every night at the red gnome as you'll be rolling in cash.

Once you have guns and a dogman hide regular fights are pretty easy, humans are quick to run from you so you can force surrender or retreat without risk, and while ammo is expensive, 7 cured dogmen meat and a hide will sell for about $600, so unless you use more than 12 bullets to kill them, you're making money. Often one buckshot to the chest will be enough.

Hacking is just for fun, other things like Medical might be nice instead for better self-health-awareness.

Your early game MO is similar to mine. One thing you can do with the trapping/strong combo right off the bat is kill the dogman, find something sharp (probably broken glass) and come back for his pelt. The dogman tunic is very warm and nips the whole "hypothermia" issue right in the bud, to the degree that you can even tear up your hospital gown for string and rags if you need to (say, because you found a sled) and just walk around in your fursuit.

Dan's patch notes made mention of adding broken glass to the cryo facility from the broken window next build, so it sounds like next build strong or melee + trapping characters won't even have to leave the cryo facility with their butts flapping in the wind.


  • Botany
  • Strong
  • Tough
  • Melee
  • Trapping
  • Medic
  • Extra Slot


  • Myopia
  • Metabolism
  • Insomniac

The combination of Strong, Tough and Melee is to say "Fuck it" to having to depend on any weapons in the game and not get 0hKO in battle, nothing like mauling a Dogman with your bare hands. Also since im 24/7 with a vehicle, not being able to run means i either kill someone or get killed if i can't intimidate my target. As a plus you get headbutt and create obstacle making battles far far easier even without weapons (Trapping also gives you the lure one).

Edit: Albeit having a Crowbar in your hands doesn't only make it easier for you to kill stuff, but also gives you a nifty 2-3 attack range :D

Medic for the convenience of early first aid kit and because my melee build doesn't make me completely immune to damage and i expect to get a scratch here or there when hunting dogmans.

Edit2: Discovered that with the medic skills, you can take pills out of their bottles to identify them, making them worth a lot more. Giving you a third option to making money: Drug Runner :D

Trapping and Botany to sustain me and help me make money (Ever build a water purifying rig to help you pay stuff in the junk yard? Of course after you are a little set up you can turn it into a dogman hunt going north and selling the fur coat and meat instead of water), although i would consider botany to be sort of optional, since depending on where you are you can use your melee skills to get meat (Enfield/Dogman hunting) and trapping to make a quick fire to purify water or cook the meat. Trapping is 100% essential though and not taking it is dooming yourself if you aren't lucky.

The extra slot can be used for anything else, like hacking or lockpicking to get more loot and get your artificial eye + upgrades faster (And getting rid of myopia of course), or you could get ranged for the fat chance of more ammo and better gun use (Real men doesn't give a shit about guns)

Also to manage insomniac i just look for a really good place to sleep (Usually by killing everyone in a 5 hex radius with my bare hands :D) and pop in a sleeping pill, Lots of hunting for Metabolism, and money for myopia.



I'm seriously heavy-handed when I do anything so making it hard as possible to get my character killed in an engagement made sense. Trapping covers any food concerns when I'm out in the wilderness and the melee + trapping skill covers my clothing problems pretty much from the get-go. Athletic comes in handy when I'm up north or just unlucky and have to beat a hasty retreat.

Insomniac can be cured with pills or persistence and Myopia can be counteracted in several ways so I don't really have any problems with picking them.

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*



Athletic for sprint and less fatigue in general. Synergizes well with insomniac. Once you have night vision I tend to find the requirement to sleep the most tedious part of the game. Athletic mitigates it somewhat.

Tough will save your bacon.

Ranged gives you the ability to craft and utilize some very effective weapons early game. It makes the most powerful weapons in the game more powerful. I have fought and killed entire 3+ groups of raiders/bandits/dogmen with just stones and arrows before, which is something I never would have thought possible with a melee character prior to the addition of slings and bows. My successes with ranged have been so great that I never take melee anymore.

Trapping. Squirrels are a less important resource now than they used to be, but trapping still gives you access to dogman cloaks, lighter-less firestarting early on, a number of favorable event options, and one of the most powerful combat moves in the game.

Botany can more or less feed your character by itself. Having the ranged and trapping skills you will (presumably) already be spending a lot of time on woodland hexes. Scavenging wood hexes with botany and a squirrel snare generally results in more food and water than you really need. Even with metabolism negative. Tannin tea useful when antibiotics aren't at hand. Very easy to make and simply fill all your drinking vessels with tea while you recover.

Medic will save your bacon. Good business skill to identify pills for sale at junk market. A few useful event options. Ability to see some deadly diseases/poisons before they get to third stage allows you to seek proper treatment. Healing rate bonus (presumably) stacks with the healing rate bonus from metabolism negative. AFAIK.

Hiding will save your bacon. One of my primary causes of death with a ranged character without strong and melee is being woken up with a dogman (or several) standing on top of me. Hiding with stacks of noise traps makes this less likely. Early game hiding and crowbar scavenging synergize well. Late-game scavenging with hiding and night vision basically just gives you loads of loot very safely.

I do take a lot of negative traits. The very minor, temporary drawbacks of Insomniac and Myopia are outweighed by the additional skill slots in my mind. If you live long enough to get eye surgery and an ample supply of sleeping pills your character's "weaknesses" then become nothing but an extra skill slot. Metabolism negative isn't even a negative in my mind, since healing is good and food/water intake isn't ever a problem with botany and trapping. As it stands the conscious decision to take those three negatives every play feels kind of min-maxy, but hey. Neo Scavenger is a hard game. ;)

Enjoyed seeing how everyone else plays.

I feel like my typical build is kinda strange, or maybe it's just because it's not the meta-y?



Also, that's the exact way I place the skills too. Because I'm weird.

Hiding first because you wont last long if you don't learn to keep a low profile. Lockpicking because it opens doors of opportunity, is discreet, and can be quite relaxing. Medic because eventually you're going to have to patch yourself up. Ranged is essential if your of the mindset that, "A good defence is a good offense." Aaand hacking because you're never gonna get the grip of it without developing a bit of insomnia along the way.

The fact is Hiding is just not very good right now. Keeping a low profile means very little, I didn't play the game before .980, but from what I heard there was a time when scavenging actually spawned monsters very close by when you failed, and hiding was integral during scavenging to avoid that situation. But that caused too many monsters to spawn in the world over time so it was removed. The actual Hiding part of hiding hasn't really been much use since then.

Medic is good, but I prefer a crowbar to a lockpick, mostly just because the fact that lockpicking is discreet is not really a bonus due to the noise you make not having a noticeable impact on the game any more. Ranged and Hacking are both fun. Although, lockpicks do mean you have a free shoulder to carry another rifle, so it's got that going for it.

I don't like Insomniac because I hate having to keep hitting sleep. Sleeping is probably one of the most risky things I can do if I'm not in a safe place, (but falling asleep from exhaustion is worse) so I want it to work predictably.

I still find that it's useful. Not sure if it's in effect when sleeping, but it says it's still toggled when I wake up so it could be helping me keep hidden while sleeping out in the wild. Even if enemies don't just spawn in anymore, they do come from the surrounding area. If they don't hear anything, then you have nothing to worry about. Also, sleeping pills are pretty cheap when you buy 'em from the DMC clinic. Something like $160 for 6 pills if I recall correctly.

Myopia, Metabolism flaws. More food/water isn't a problem, and faster healing is good. myopia has been mentioned.

Strong, Tough, Melee. Kinda speak for themselves.

Trapping. So very useful, espically early in the game.

Medicine. Useful in the Cryo, both for the first encounter, and some early loot. Also nice to keep a good eye on my health since being Melee focused tends to leave you scratched up. but mostly? Getting an ID on all those pills leads to hefty wealth.

Hacking. i've been playing with laptops and such. Amuseing, but more for long game.

Recently I've been taking Insominiac and Electric, in hopes of gaining Hatters favor via iSlabs. Keep getting killed instead.

Typically, I bullrush the dogman with Melee and strong. Then use Medicine for a first aid kit to have a touch of storage space.
Head outside, look for anything sharp, and rush back to the cyro to skin the dogman and make a coat. Not only does it stave off freezing, but I scare looters as well.

Depending on what's right around the Cryo, I might head up towards ZomZom's. It's a good place to scavenge. Priorities are some shoes, and clothing, a vehicle of some sort, ideally a Box cart, a weapon, ideally a monkey wrench, and some backpacks to help carry stuff. If I need a crowbar, I head into ZomZoms, fight a in the pit, survive, and typically have a crowbar as bonus loot.

Once have some basics, head towards the DMC. Typically my backpack has a bunch of water bottles, a cookpot or a tester, a few clean bandages, and a little bit of food. One hand holds a weapon, typically a wrench to smash heads in, but most any melee is okay. Other hand has a backpack. Fill it with meds, bullets, shoes over 50 percent, optics in good condition, and most anything else of real value. Pack fills up, move it to the sled. Sled typically has a couple packs, some spare wood and tinder for a fire, and two stacks of noise traps for when I camp.

Loot most any city hex you come across. Beat foes like a pinita until the candy comes out. By the time you hit the DMC, should have a decent seat of equipment, a lot of stuff to sell, and no room to spare.

Useing Trapping on Hatter feels like cheating to me, but the Dogman video I'm content with.



Thanks for the replies everyone. It looks to me like Myopia and Insomniac are the "best" traits in the game. Perhaps if every one of the traits had a way to fix it, it'd lead to some more interesting strategy.

~The Pirate

I have exactly opposite conclusion to yours, mate :D
If every flaw had such an easy way to fix it, everybody would run around with full eight skills. Flaws and drawbacks should not really be basis for the best builds, and almost everybody using them (especially Myopia) just proves they are rather badly unbalanced.

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We should make those traits even worse then, right? Like Myopia should make you worse at aiming, and worse at finding enemies. Could also make scavenging give you less loot and become even more dangerous. If we have a fix to a trait, then those traits should really hurt you. Insomnia seems really easy to deal with too. How about just simply amplifying the effects of it. For instance, whenever I pick Insomnia, I can still get a full energy bar every night. How about making it give us half as much sleep?

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I'm probably gonna be the weird one who doesn't go with Myopia. Then again I'm playing the demo and can't get far enough along to be able to fix that trait.

+ Trapping
+ Strong
+ Tough
+ Melee
+ Eagle Eyes
+ Botany, Tracking, or Medic (I mix this one up, but if I don't want to resort to eating human flesh then I'll go with Botany.)

- Insomnia
- Metabolism

Combat wise this build can stand close quarters combat with Head Butt, Lure, and Create Obstacles as the combat options that make an appearance every so often. Food and water wise it can sometimes be a pain. I tend to fill up on water before traveling far. I also cure food often. This build can make getting stuck in an area of only plains and towns a bit dangerous as lack of food without resorting to eating other humans.

I usually kill or make someone surrender soon in and take everything they have. Shopping carts are kinda a must for this build because otherwise you aren't going to be able to care much of value along with adequate supplies.

I tried hugging a dogman once, apperently they don't like hugs.

I tried hugging a dogman once, apperently they don't like hugs.

They try and hug you back, however they don't know their own strength.

The claws seem to get in the way too. My poor head always gets covered in scratches from those things.

I tried hugging a dogman once, apperently they don't like hugs.

my build is easy going and fun as i chase down bandits right from the get go
-strong <-- dogman fur on the beginning and tripping ppl
-athletic <--- extra movement is just a must!
-trapping <--- sticks and stones may break your bones but i'd rather make a dogman coat
-botany <-- food in the woods :P
-hacking/lockpicking/ <--anything you might want as an extra

Try using strong and melee at the same time in the beginning encounter

~The Pirate

I like to live on the edge with my "Do(test) all the things" build.



My guy is a drug-addicted ex-Eagle Scout who had a day job as a software engineer. His health is all outta whack, which makes me play REALLY careful.

Also? I don't buy into the idea that an "average" survivor would only have four skills.

"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects." — Robert Heinlein