Make us STOP rest and heal

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Make us STOP rest and heal

I was doing really well in a recent game. But then I accidentally clicked rest and heal, and died of thirst. This is not the first time, and I knew I would die if I pressed it, it was an accident. If not, please allow an option to remove this button of death. You just hope that someone will get near your hex for it to stop, if not, it's death that await. I have no words how stupid this button is, it needs to go. How many turns do we need to pass anyway? Spamming space does the trick, and is a lot better than the rest and heal.

Yeah, I totally agree with that. While I never got killed by it, during my whole, over a year long, experience with the game, not even once did I felt the need to use it.

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Does not clicking it again stop it? I'm really sure that I've been able to Rest & Heal and stop. Maybe I've just gotten lucky with events that triggered it to stop.

This is new to me, testing will commence!

You are correct. Not very obvious though, especially not when the panic hits.

I sometimes use it and find it helpful. But I do agree that it's in a precarious place in the UI. A button that could potentially lead to the death of your character should not be right next to the end turn button. I rarely click any of those buttons as I've learned most of the shortcuts, but it is something that should be looked into.


I've never seen a reason for the button. Time is too precious a resource to waste, and I heal just fine on the move when I remember to set up a mini-camp at the end of my turn. Might as well remove it entirely.

In response to the concern of the "Rest and Heal" button, I think that the button is indeed useful, and there should be no reason to take it away.

To clarify, the purpose of the button is to pass time until conditions change. The same effect will be brought about if you just keep ending the turn. As a solution to your concern, I have an idea. Cancelling the passing of time is possible, as stated in a previous comment, by simply pressing the button again, but many people don't know that until it is too late. The idea is to have a separate button that can be easily seen like "Wake Up". Many of you may be thinking that it sounds familiar. That is because the button is actually already in the game. I have seen it when I was loading a save game, and in the top right corner it was there. However, when I needed it in game when I was resting or sleeping, I never saw it.

So an easy solution is to make the button more visible (if it turns out I just can't find it) or fix it entirely.

The text on the button should simply change to something like "stop resting".

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Hey GUys!

This is an interesting topic. That button was added quite a long time ago, when it was more necessary to wait several turns to heal. These days, however, I tend to agree that I never use it.

I do have a few questions, though:

1 - For those that are concerned with how easy it is to accidentally click, when you click the button, doesn't it switch to the camp screen first? Normally, you need to click the "rest" or "sleep" button twice to start either activity. The first click should go to the camp screen as a sort of "are you sure?" and "is there anything you want to setup in camp first?" The second click is what starts either mode.

Of course, maybe folks are double-clicking the button? That might be the cause.

2 - Does anyone here actually use it anymore? I saw that a few players were suggesting we keep it, but in practice, do you actually use it? Reducing the number of buttons on the UI is definitely worth losing a feature that's barely used. It's one less thing for players to learn, one less thing for me to maintain, and it frees up a bit of space on the UI, too.

Of course, I could also change the button text as some folks are suggesting. But if the button is of minimal value, simplifying the UI might be worth losing that button's minor convenience.

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I mainly use it to wait and see what new items pops up at shop-button.

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It seems to me that most people don't use it. Personally I love the sleep and rest buttons, but that's probably because I like to play the game as if every aspect was intended for use. Also, I have never had an accident with the button resulting in death, or any other inconvenience.

1. Yes, the game first switches to the camp screen.
2. I rarely used the button and won't miss it.

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I used it because I'm fairly new and didn't know any better.

Even when fully healed I've used it to pass time when it's dark night and I'm fully rested.