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After battle death report

Just something that I think might be nice to add is the ability to view the encounter/battle screen AFTER death, I know it tells you how I died, but the main reason I ask is due to my last playthrough being cut short in seconds with no idea what happened. Im pretty sure that my character's death was my fault, but the whole process was like this:


-in camp
Weapon - 12 gauge


-unaware of me
-in open
Weapon - 12 gauge

what happened

move 1

-sneek to cover (got discovered)


move 2

-demand surrender

- not sure (possible shot)

within half a second the screen blacked and I missed his move because I was trying to see the text.
the death screen said I died of cardiac arrest, Im gathering he didn't want to surrender! and basicly blasted me straight in the heart! It would be nice to see where I went wrong, just so it wasn't so devastating and confusing when I died!

It would also be cool if a personal playthrough times and deaths could be displayed for the player to look back on.

but apart from that i'm really enjoying the game!

I agree that the death screen is pretty abrupt. I've looked into adding more detail to it before, but I always run into one problem: what actually killed the player?

Let's say you were in battle, and a dogman shredded your upper chest apart. However, you defeated him in the end. A few turns later, you bled to death. Did the dogman kill you? Or did you just bleed to death?

In this case, we could probably just record the last creature to attack you, and safely say that was the creature that caused your death.

Now, what if you survived the above dogman attack, but then a looter comes by and bruised your upper chest. It's a trivial wound, and you manage to scare him off with your gun. The next turn, however, you die of bleeding from the upper chest wound the dogman gave you.

In this case, the looter was the last person to attack you, but the dogman is really the one that did you in.

I haven't found a good way for the Game Over screen to deal with this. I suppose I could just include the last several lines from the message log on the Game Over screen, and let the player judge for themselves.

I'll have to give that some more thought!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games