The Merga Wraith, an unlikely hypothesis

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The Merga Wraith, an unlikely hypothesis

Me and a friend was discussing the Merga Wraith earlier. By the way I love the idea of shadow that rips and tears just by touching you, as if made of whirling glass. Anyhow we reached a very unlikely hypothessis for what the Merga Wraith is.

The Merga Wraith is a frightened and lonely creature, only wanting affection and warmth - in this case from you.
Unfortunately Merga Wraiths and Humans aren't compatible, and you get turned to flesh ribbons when it reaches to touch you.

I find this hypothesis intresting, since rather than just make the Merga Wraith menacing, it becomes almost endearing, relatable and sad. But it is after all just a hypothesis, and probably has nothing to do with Dan's grand scheme, But if it does, please let the poor thing find a companion!

(also if anyone misuses the word theory in this topic, I'll send a dogman after you!)

How does the medallion work into your theory?


It is not a theory. We're working with hypothetics here, there are no experiments, reproductions, peer reviews or such.

However I haven't thought too hard about the medallion. I merely thought the Merga Wraith would be much more intresting under the assumption it wasn't maledictive.

About the medallion:

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There is another necklace in the game which is described as being similar to the starting medallion and of native american origins. It also has the effect of warding off the merga wraith and obtaining it quickly is one way to save a character who has lost their starting medallion. So whatever the nature of the merga wraith, it seems likely that the native american tribes of the great lakes region were familiar with the beast and that Philip Kindred is not the first unfortunate to become acquainted with it.

As for how that ties in to the above idea or ideas of my own, I have no idea.