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Several questions + bug reports

I've been playing the demo for about 30 minutes and I really like the idea.Bugs:1. Spelling errors in a few places, like a newspaper talking about "Ox News", you forget to capitalize a word in there. Another news thing has the same problem but I forget which one.2. When I try to move lighter fluid around in my backpack I can't. I can only place it on another object which then switches what item you have grabbed to the other object.Questions:1. When I got crippled I used the rest and heal function but I did not get healed even with the medic perk. Is this on purpose? If so, how do I heal from a crippled state?2. What do I do with animal corpses? They just spoil.3. In the combine grid area, what can you actually combine? There are lots of items but I have no idea what to do with them. I put water and an empty bottle in there, but there was nothing on the right side. I then use the water on the bottle which seemed to work, however it seems you can only use one water per bottle, yet I found a bottle worth 6 or whatever. When I combined a bottle worth 1 with 1 thing of water, it brought it up 2 but no more.4. Speaking of lighter fluid, I found a lighter and some fluid, but the lighter claimed empty. What are you supposed to do with it? I couldn't combine it.

Hey Solaris32, glad you're enjoying it so far! And thanks for the detailed feedback!I actually have a long reply to this ready to go, but I'm getting a weird 403 error when I try to post it. Give me a few minutes to see if I can figure out what's going on with the forums.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I had that problem too. What I did was copy pasted my response to text doc so as not to lose it, then left and re-entered the forums, then started a new post and pasted.EDIT: I think it might be because you're on the post new reply page for so long it glitches it. When it happened to me, it was for my even longer post in suggestions which must've taken me 15-20 minutes to compose.

Could be a timeout. I'm also seeing some security errors pop up in the logs, so posts may be tripping the security filters.Fortunately, I copy+pasted my reply into a text file before hitting the "Reply" button!Bugs

  1. For the "OX News" newspaper capitalization, was it the "Police in a downward spiral" and "Vats for Dinner, Mom?" ones? I found those two, and updated the caps, so they should make it into the next beta build upload. 
  2. Lighter fluid is sort of a special item, in that it can only go in lighters and on the ground. So it won't let you drop it in the backpack directly, only inside a lighter.


  1. The "Rest and Heal" option is very slow. It can take days to heal, even as a medic. I wanted to try a healing game mechanic that wasn't based on healing potions, and was a little more gritty and realistic. So you can heal that way, it just takes time. You also heal while moving, so you don't have to sit still. I just added that button for people who don't want to keep clicking "End Turn" if they want to heal a while. Your best bet, if you need to heal, is unfortunately the hard-to-acquire nanorobot medical kit. It's a suitcase with 1-3 charges that rapidly accelerates your healing rate for a few hours when consumed.
  2. Animal corpses can be skinned and cooked, but you need certain tools and skills. To skin one, you'll need at least a multitool knife and an unspoiled corpse. Trapping skill gives you the fur when you're done too. Combine these in the crafting grid to get the output. Once skinned, you can combine a flame/fire, squirrel meat, and a branch to get cooked squirrel meat. Note: even cooked meat spoils pretty quick! Rotten squirrel corpses are, unfortunately, not good for much. You can eat them for restoring hunger, but I don't advise it :)
  3. That's my fault. I meant to create random crafting hints on scraps of paper, and spread them throughout the game like I did with newspapers. I just ran out of time. I still plan to add it to the beta soon, though. Until then, I encourage forum posters to share their discovered recipes, and to suggest new ones! (Free crafting tip: tinder + lighter for fires, and create purified water by combining a metal saucepan/soup can, fire, and unidentified water). Regarding water in the bottle, regular containers like the water bottle, lighter, and backpack, just add/remove items to them directly. No crafting needed. The water bottle is worth $6 if the water inside is purified. Otherwise, it's only worth $2. Nobody pays good money for potentially infected water :)
  4. Did the lighter say how many charges it had? A lighter with fluid inside it can be used in crafting fire. If empty, though, it doesn't do anything. To add fluid to the lighter, you drop the fluid onto it directly, or into the capacity grid for it (if it's held in your hand).

Again, lots of good questions and comments. Let me know if I missed anything!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I was crippled and had about 2/5 health. I rested for at least a day and did not regain a single bar of health. Maybe I miscounted, I plan to give this game another go in the future. I was also not hungry or thirsty, but resting for so long made me so then I eventually died from thirst because I could only move 1 space at a time and wasn't finding enough water.I did have lighter fluid, 83 count, in my backpack. It wasn't on the ground, no doubt about this. The lighter itself had 0 charges. I'm pretty sure I tried dropping the fluid on the lighter to no avail, even in the combine grid, but not 100% sure.Also, I had no idea berries, water, and probably random food I find could be bad for you. I was eating everything lol. That might explain why when my thirst got around 50% it started to drop extremely fast. But I'm pretty sure the game told me nothing was wrong except that I was thirsty. It did say my skin was turning blue but I don't know why. You might want to make text in that tiny window a more pronounced color when something important happens.

Let me know if you see the lighter fluid inside the backpack without a container again. That definitely sounds like a bug. Or if it doesn't go into a lighter when you try.And yeah, some of those dangerous status messages get lost in the sea of white text. I had colored status/floaties on my "to do" list for a while, and this reminded me that it should probably get done sooner than later, to help new players understand the game better. So thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Pah! You would disclose the top secret crafting recipes I already figured out >_<Lighters VS. Lighter Fluid:From what I've seen so far, the lighter maxes out at 100 charges. If your lighter has 70 and you have a pile of 40 fluid charges, you just can't put it in the lighter with the stack option on. I've had no difficulties putting fluid in the lighters so long as it doesn't go over 100.I figured out how to purify water. Lose water in a pot over a fire and so on. It appears to quench a little more thirst than the non purified variety. Haven't noticed any issues drinking questionable water other than it doesn't quench as much. Here's my question regarding the issue:Is there a way to remove water from a bottle to the 'loose' state so it can be purified? If there is, I haven't figured it out.

Adfest: Put a bottle of water in one of your hands - then you'll be able to grab the loose water inside.


@Adfedst, I fear I'm exposing all your secrets in the new recipe paper scrap items I added to the beta last night! :PAnd you're correct, lighters hold no more than 100 [email protected] Indeed, that is the way to access water in a bottle!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

the hex map hot key (w) isn't working. great game btw! 

Doh! I actually re-mapped that to "Q" so that users could toggle items on and off with the same key. Forgot to update the tooltip!And glad you're enjoying the game!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games