Bullet Lethality

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Bullet Lethality

This may ruin the game for some people but getting shot in the chest/lower chest with a .308 FMJ will most likely kill you after 10 to 20 mins of getting your lung punctured or it could hit your spine or your heart in those cases youre screwed same goes with the .45 .38 or 12 gauge slug or buckshot lets talk about the buckshot if buckshot hit any of your limbs it would become hamburger a slug essentially knocks you to the ground and puts a big hole in you that would shatter bone and bleed like all hell the bow is a different story an arrow would probably break a few ribs and cause some bleeding its penetration depends on the draw weight of the bow and how many blade parts the arrow has the more blade sides the less penetration but more bleeding

maybe they could make a hardcore gamemode where these rules apply

comment below

Definetly i got shot in the head with an 308. and i did'nt die so i ran away, next day i get shot in the head again, still no death.

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You were frozen in a world that has nanotech and werewolf like things. I prefer to think -something- happened while you were in the cryotube, and that;s why bullets, knives, and the like don't seem quite so deadly. What happened? Well, part of the plot is finding out, obviously.

Being hit in the head does not always means getting a bullet in the middle of the forehead, same way as being cut on the torso doesn't always means your guts are all around the floor now. The game informs you about severity of the wound and area affected. Being grazed on the head by a bullet may mean, for example, you got part of your ear cut by a close passing bullet - still counts as a shot to the head but it's hardly a end-game scenario. Same with other wounds/locations - small cut to the hand still counts as a hand wound, etc.

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Yeah but it didnt say that it grazed me, it said something else and i dont remember now anymore but it definetly didnt say that it grazed me.

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I think that damage output in combat need some adjustment while I think that a knife or a bow when used by inexperienced users would be a lesser threat the same couldn't be said about a gun.
Sure a guy who doesn't have the ranged perk can't expect to be a sniper but still if he can hit the target there should be a major damage output because a bullet wound regardless on where it hits would still create a major wound.
I found it hilarious that when I shoot a raider with the 12 gauge at 4 distance and having the ranged perk It took 3 shot to take him down and I still had to finish him off with the rifle but.

I like it the way it is right now - deadly, but not overdone. As Kaaven already said, when one gets a message of bullet grazing some part, it means exactly that; it wasn't a direct hit. It is also certainly more interesting than if you'd have instantly killing shots among plenty of misses (for the sake of balance).

I also have to point out a very important thing mentioned by D0N0VAR - it may ruin the game for some people. While NEO Scavenger is meant to be somewhat challenging, it is also meant to be fair and entertaining. Making bullets always deadly but often missing affects the latter, making bullets just deadly - the former. It also eliminates big part of player actions deciding on character's survival - it would be too much a matter of luck, where you can play very well and then just end the game because of stray bullet or get quite too much of a lucky streak in case enemies will be inaccurate.

maybe they could work on a hardcore for me and gamers like me, i believe it would be be a great addition to the game and a lot of work for you guys but i think it would be well worth the price also i know the game is still in beta but it could improve on an already great game dont take this as an insult i have the utmost respect for what you do

Don't worry, no one takes it as an insult. We can have different opinions and disagree with each other without going ad hominem. It's all up to Dcfedor - he's the guy who makes this game. Both regular users and us, glorified janitors just provide feedback, all of which matters.

well if he does see the this then please take this into consideration i think it would add to this game which already has so much potential

If you want a hardmode just play the game without skills. If you want it even harder add some traits.

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Hey Guys!

I agree that being shot should be potentially lethal. And in the data, I've made gunshot wounds have some of the most lethal potential of all (basically, they can kill in one hit). However, it's important to distinguish between potentially lethal and actually lethal.

As Kaaven mentions, not every hit is going to be perfect. In fact, the game is designed to assume most hits are non-optimal. A gunshot to the head is not always a precision drill through the person's medulla oblongata. It can tag a person's ear, shoot clean through their cheek(s), shatter their jaw, tear open a gash in the scalp and ricochet off, and still be non-life-threatening. Even a shot that enters the skull and perforates brain matter isn't guaranteed to kill a man.

I realize that might sound weird, but have a look at the following data. (Note: It's gruesome and depressing data, to be sure, and I apologize to anyone who might be sensitive to it. Please only click if you're comfortable with it.)

Spoiler: Highlight to view

If you look at the ratios of deaths to injuries, it's not often that everyone shot was killed. In fact, many of the times where there is a fatality are when the shooter commits suicide. Guns can be lethal, but being shot by a gun isn't a guaranteed death sentence. Not even a probable death sentence.

That said, there may be two issues that need addressing in NEO Scavenger: messaging and healing.

First, messaging might be part of the issue. When a wound is received in the game, it is given a descriptor in the log window. This descriptor might not match the actual wound very well, which is causing you to think that lethality isn't high enough. The descriptors look like this:

var vBluntVerbs:Vector.<String> = Vector.<String>(["bruised", "smacked", "pounded", "smashed", "whaled on"]); var vCutVerbs:Vector.<String> = Vector.<String>(["grazed", "scratched", "tore open", "mauled", "shredded"]);

The beginning of the lists are flesh wounds, and the ends of the lists are near-fatal. Perhaps some of the descriptors in the middle sound too harsh for their actual damage? "Tore open" might sound lethal on the head, while in the list above, it's a moderate wound.

Perhaps I need to adjust these lists so that there are more weak-sounding descriptors in the list? That way, the harsher sounding descriptors will be reserved for more serious wounds.

The other issue that comes to mind is healing. Every wound in NEO Scavenger is meant to be dangerous, as they increase chances of infection, shock, or blood loss. Cutting wounds are obviously a bigger threat in this case, but blunt wounds can still break limbs or knock someone out.

However, if people are surviving serious wounds too easily, maybe it's because they're healing too quickly? I admit that the healing system in NEO Scavenger is a little hand-wavy, and probably moves too fast. This is especially true for medics, nanokits, and other situations that accelerate healing.

Maybe part of the problem is that a serious wound isn't sticking around long enough? I know I've heard a few folks say that it's weird they can just "sleep it off" when it comes to injury.

@Scavenger, you guys are way more than glorified janitors! I think that the work you guys are doing, and examples you've set, have helped create one of the more tolerant and mature communities I've seen on the 'net. This site is a much better place as a result of your efforts!

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i broke my arm and 5 days later i punched a dogman to death with it i mean come on theres no way it could heal that quickly as no splint or painkillers. even if you did break it you should have a reduced wight capacity with that arm as i broke my wrist and it is noticeably harder to lift stuff.
you should reeeeaaaaly look at dwarf fortress injure system if you could add that it would be a great survival game as you can cut motor nerves and tendons and spill guts and get a broken tooth and can pull out peoples throats. its so cool if you could add this it would attract alot of people who love true hardcore games and such.

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

I think the healing time for less severe wounds is okay, but the more severe ones should take longer to heal.

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I agree with everything Dan said yet I can't seem to grasp the fact that even with the ranged trait about half my shoot within optimal distance will miss or be not fatal I stopped using gun at all due to this because the frequent misses or non letal shoot simply did't worth the hussle to get new ammo wich is very limited and expensive Im good with using a bow at least with it you can make your own ammo

What about change the in game text to alert players what part was hit precisely? And along with damage from range weapon change.

"The 12 gauge shell rips though the bandits chest"
"Bandit dies instantly from player's 12 gauge shell"

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